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Smartflow, a testament to the power of resilience and adaptive strategy

In the transformative journey of Smartflow, the essence of leadership is not just in vision but in the unwavering persistence it takes to realize it. Create a movement toward a more interconnected business world.

The Role of change management when transitioning to AI-powered inspections

With AI comes a paradigm shift that pushes companies to revisit their operational strategies and embrace change management techniques as part of their strategic growth.

What is the difference between ISGOTT and the Declaration of Inspection?

While both ISGOTT and the Declaration of Inspection aim to enhance safety in tank storage operations while building use cases around both of them, we identified both differences and similarities.

Tips for creating effective digital inspection checklists with Smartflow.

This is how you can build effective digital inspection checklists that consistently lead to thorough and reliable inspections. Efficient ways to tackle inspection processes and field inspections.

Best practices for digitalizing Ship-Shore Processes. Terminal Use Case.

The Smartflow Digital ISGOTT Solution allows you to configure checklists to ensure compliance with specific vessel types, cargo handling procedures, or regulatory requirements.

How to manage inspections data. Ways to customize inspection workflows in Smartflow

Heavy industry professionals need inspection software that simplifies managing complex, high-volume data. Read more to learn what specialized inspection software should offer you.

Future-proof your terminal: Digital Ship Shore Safety Checklists for unparalleled efficiency and compliance in tank storage operations.

Everything from the ship shore safety checklist to the whole suit of ship shore processes.

Insights on how to enhance stakeholder communication during inspections. Part 2

Is your back office still manually assigning tasks to field inspectors? In many cases, these old ways of working lead to potential miscommunications and delays. Read Part 2.

How to use inspection data for better inspection analysis. Part 1

When performing field inspections, the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance, identifying trends, and mitigating risks. Learn to harness the potential of data analytics.

ESG considerations are critical for business success: How Platform8 enables sustainable supply chain management

Platform8 guest post. Connecting supply chains in Australia and New Zealand. Secure and cost-effective data sharing platform and marketplace.

Smartflow Digital ISGOTT Solution introduces digital berth scheduler to reduce wait times and improve overall vessel turnaround time

Smartflow Digital ISGOTT introduces a new feature - digital berth scheduler to improve overall vessel turnarounds.

Sustainable Operations in the Digital Age: Why field inspections are going digital

Industrial companies still use significant amounts of paper for field inspections that are critical for ensuring safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. How can they ensure less paper waste?

Strategic steps to streamline the ship-shore collaboration in 2023

One of the critical aspects of the tank storage sector is the collaboration between terminals and vessels, which involves the loading and unloading of cargo from ships to tanks and vice versa. Zoom into the article.

Atmos Inspections digitizing ATEX inspections with Smartflow

Smartflow has partnered up with Atmos Inspections to digitize ATEX inspections to streamline and simplify the inspection process aiming at making it more efficient and effective. Integrate digital ATEX inspections.

This will never work on our site! Digitalization at tank storage terminals

What causes energy tank storage terminals to deal with processes that disrupt operations due to delays, lack of compliance, or miscommunication. How important is digitalization for tank storage terminals?

Digitalizing frontline operations at the terminal - future global standards with local autonomy

Understanding standardisation at a large scale is key in implementing a solution that uses specific frameworks that enable terminals to benefit from standardized processes.

Help your inspectors complete their checks according to the customers’ specifications

Your inspectors deserve the best tools to complete their checks and inspections. These are some of the Smartflow user's experiences with our app.

Smartflow wins Silver Terminal Optimisation Award. Global Tank Storage Awards 2023

The Terminal Optimisation award goes to the software, service, or model that succeeds in optimising, streamlining, or improving the storage terminal.

2022 Events where Smartflow will introduce the new generation of connected workers

Meet Smartflow at events all across industries. From tank storage to maintenance and manufacturing. Introducing the next generation of connected workers.

Why can energy companies rely on connected worker technologies in times of crisis?

The new generation of workers want clear, concise, and easy to handle digital forms, checks, flows, checklists, or reports. Energy companies to take rapid actions.

Why should energy companies start considering single source of truth data solutions for their inspection rounds?

SSoT data solutions are designed to make the lives of front line workers and their back office colleagues easier, safer, and more efficient.

Five benefits to streamline the ship/shore documentation for tank terminals

Are you looking to digitize the handshakes between vessels and terminals involved in the Declaration of Inspection - known as ISGOTT procedures?

Analyzing Benefits of Leveraging Connected Worker Solutions for Industrial Digital Transformation

What keeps energy companies from adopting technology that will ultimately solve efficiency, knowledge loss, extra costs, and ownership?

Making Frontline Industrial Workers the Center of a Connected Ecosystem Using Technology

Typically frontline workers are not fully enabled unless their work is directly visible to others and vice versa. Read this article for more insights.

How a connected worker platform solves collaboration issues in the Energy industry

The energy leaders have long been searching for ways to create a more collaborative work environment. Read this article for more insights into solutions.

The impact of the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT), Sixth Edition on the Ship/Shore Checklists

Still transitioning from the ISGOTT 5 to the 6th edition of the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals?

Smartflow present at Oil, Gas, and Tank Storage events 2021-2022

Smartflow is taking our mission to digitize frontline operations and connect workers in the oil and gas industry to several events in 2021 and 2022. How can you meet us and when?

How might the oil and gas industry unfold in a post pandemic?

The bulk liquid storage companies keep a close eye on digital technology developments as industry leaders are investing more and more in digital technologies. that can reduce workload and workers’ interaction.

Digitalizing frontline operations with Smartflow. Vopak ISGOTT v6 Use Case

Smartflow has published a full ISGOTT use case in Tank Storage Magazine about the ISGOTT case we are digitalizing together with our customer Vopak. You can read the full article and use case here.

Can digital technology solve safety challenges for the maritime industry?

In this article, we zoom into what safety challenges the maritime industry faces and how digital technology can help solve them. Explore the article further and deep dive into the opportunities.

How to use Information Excellence to move your organization forward?

Investing in optimized decision-making helps companies use their organization’s data as a strategic asset that generates more business impact.

How COVID-19 forces companies to develop remote inspections?

In this new digital world, transformation is inevitable. Companies all across industries are embracing the many technology opportunities brought by the digital landscape. Zoom in to this topic for more insights.

Why use smart glasses to perform remote inspections?

We’re committed to offering the improvements this technology brings to our users and making data capture and data visualization smarter and effortless. Read more for an in-depth understanding of smart glasses in inspections.

How are ship inspectors dealing with paper-based inspections?

Thousands of cargo vessels are sailing across the world's oceans every day. The periodic surveying and inspection of vessels are crucial to ensure the safety of human lives and the cargo on board.

How does the new generation of inspectors look like?

To accurately understand the new generation of workforce (in the oil and gas industry), we need to see what the industry is dealing with as automation and artificial intelligence continue to transform companies' operations. Continue reading.

Is the oil and gas industry ready for remote inspections??

The last two years have forced companies around the world to experiment with new ways of working flexibly. Is the oil and gas industry stepping up its digital transformation? Continue reading to discover more insights.

How can you equip your operators with the latest inspection technology?

Oil and gas professionals face many pressures these days, and the market doesn't seem to get any friendlier. Profitability is harder and harder to maintain because of erratic commodity prices. Read the article to zoom into this topic and its importance.

How connected workers are reshaping work inspections

Digital transformation is impacting industries worldwide as data collection and exchange are creating new and valuable opportunities. Continue reading to zoom into this article for more in-depth information.

How digital inspections improve your construction projects?

Construction companies set up high expectations from their workers as their primary responsibilities are completing projects on-time with no incidents and high-quality results. Get more insights.

Most common paper-based inspections challenges

Companies that are still performing inspections in the traditional paper-based system are confronted with many limitations and risks. We have repeated the risks of paper-based inspections many times due to the safety risks.

How digital inspections transform the oil and gas industry?

The traditional paper-based system of performing inspections brings the oil and gas industry in front of many limitations and risks. This article frames how digital inspections reshape the industry.

Five reasons why digital operator rounds should be included in this year's budget round

Are you searching for ways to efficiently manage more assets with fewer resources? Read the article for more information and a clear overview.

Three things that hold back the Oil & Gas industry

The oil and gas industry has moved from a digital transformation opportunity to a digital transformation need. In this article, we are pointing out three of the most challenging actions for the oil and gas industry.

HSE inspections for operators using Smartflow

HSE’s role in operator rounds is to ensure that operators are performing adequately control risks that might affect the health and safety of workers, contractors, or any other members of the public. Read the article for more information.

Bringing maintenance and operations together in OGP

The uncertain situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened even the most stable organizations from the oil and gas industry. In times of crisis, the industry reacts by making drastic cuts to survive.

Mobile Operator Rounds - How will Mobile Apps transform the oil and gas industry

The oil & gas industry has overcome many challenges in the past. Many of these challenges still negatively impact the industry.  Read the article to get more information.

The human factor in digital operator rounds.

Optimizing and digitizing work processes means working efficiently in an advanced digital manner. Often, we lose the human touch in digital operator rounds, an essential element in creating a successful outcome. 

How can your organization make the most of digitizing operator rounds? Case Study

Safety and performance are essential elements when running regular inspections of areas and equipment across hazardous industrial plants or terminals.