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Future-proof your terminal: Digital Ship Shore Safety Checklists for unparalleled efficiency and compliance in tank storage operations.

This article is part of the Newsletter Streamlining the Ship-Shore by Smartflow Digital ISGOTT.

Table of contents

  1. What is the ship shore safety checklist

  2. ISGOTT, The International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals

  3. Benefits for terminals and ships when digitalizing

  4. What sets Smartflow apart from competitors

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This edition zooms into three parts: 

  1. Understanding the Ship Shore Safety Checklist
  2. What are the benefits both terminals and ships experience when digitizing ship shore processes
  3. What sets Smartflow apart from others in the market for the ship-shore safety checklist

What is the Ship-Shore Safety Checklist

The ship shore safety checklists enhance working relationships between ships and terminals, with the ultimate goal of improving operational safety. When either the ship or terminal personnel lack a clear understanding of the processes, mistakes take over. 

The ship shore safety checklist is included in both ISGOTT 5 and ISGOTT 6. The main important update to the ship shore safety checklist in ISGOTT 6 is that communication should start before the vessel’s arrival/ interface at the terminal.

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The ship shore safety checklist

    • A tool used to improve working relationships between the ship and terminal and to increase the safety of operations
    • Both the ship and the terminal complete the checklist considering many aspects of the ship shore interface, such as safe access, mooring, cargo transfer, and emergency procedures.
    • It splits into various stages, and each stage is completed when relevant. 

ISGOTT, the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals

    • It provides guidance on the safe operation of tankers and terminals.
    • The ISGOTT process covers topics related to tanker and terminal operations, such as cargo transfer, mooring, emergency procedures, and safety management.
    • ISGOTT includes a ship shore safety checklist as part of its guidance, which covers similar aspects as the ship shore safety checklist

In your Smartflow Digital ISGOTT Solution, you can find all the other ship shore forms that you use. The platform allows an easy way to share all important documents, such as:

    • Terminal booklet
    • Mooring instructions
    • Confirmation of tank openings
    • Issuance of communication devices
    • Hourly wharf discharge
    • Load /discharge plan
    • Pre-berthing questionnaire
    • Operational arrangement
    • Document Exchange
    • Declaration of Security
    • Safety Letter
    • Various Ship Inspections
    • Nitrogen Operations
    • Oil Pollution Checklist
  • and many more

What are the benefits both terminals and ships experience when digitalizing the ship shore processes

    • Terminals and tankers use a standardized workflow for parts 1-9 and ensure minimum errors.
    • Automated alerts and notifications reduce the need for manual follow-up and ensure that all necessary steps are completed.
    • Real-time data transfer between ships and terminals to reduce communication barriers and improve collaboration. 
    • Terminals can customize their checklists to meet their specific needs. 
    • One-stop shop for all ship-shore documentation, such as stowage plans, cargo manifest, ship particulars, and many more, as mentioned above. 
    • Enhanced safety by replacing error-prone paper processes with consistent digital workflows.
    • Save up to 70% of the time by creating effortless processes.

What sets Smartflow apart from others in the market for the ship-shore safety checklist

Cost-effective solution

Terminals are focused on minimizing onboarding costs and optimizing expenditures. Smartflow offers a unique pay-per-use model, significantly reducing upfront expenses associated with traditional systems.

Swift implementation

Time is of the essence when it comes to terminal operations. Smartflow ensures a rapid implementation process. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we can seamlessly deploy our system within an impressive timeframe of just three weeks. Moreover, our solution supports simultaneous integration across multiple terminals, enabling terminal operators to maximize efficiency across their entire infrastructure.

Seamless integration

We understand that terminal operations are a complex ecosystem involving various systems and stakeholders. By integrating with other systems, our solution enhances overall operational efficiency, minimizing vessel waiting times and ensuring a smooth flow of goods. 

Integration with terminal management systems (TMS):

This integration enables terminal operators to optimize their operations by harnessing the potential of real-time data exchange, improved communication, and automated processes. At Smartflow, we digitize various terminal processes, incorporating best practices from across operations, to provide tank storage terminal personnel with a user-friendly and efficient solution. 

Flexibility for terminal adaptability

We recognize that each port has unique requirements and operational structures. Our solution is highly flexible, allowing terminal operators to tailor the system to their specific needs while keeping costs low. This flexibility enables terminals to adapt and scale their operations as demand fluctuates, ensuring optimal resource allocation and enhanced productivity.

Customizable setup for a liner experience

We believe in providing a unified experience for vessels visiting the port while still accommodating the terminal's individual setup preferences. Our solution allows terminal operators to define the basic setup, ensuring a standardized vessel experience while maintaining flexibility. This cohesive approach enhances vessel satisfaction, reduces turnaround times, and fosters a positive reputation.

Streamlined operations for all stakeholders

Our solution isn't limited to terminal operators alone. It extends its benefits to other key stakeholders within the port ecosystem, such as surveyors. By leveraging our solution, surveyors can optimize their processes, shortening the port stay and enabling a more efficient turnaround time for vessels. This streamlined approach benefits all parties involved, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall port performance.

Reduce wait times and improve overall vessel turnaround time with Digital Berth Scheduler.

Start your Digital ISGOTT Onboarding. 

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