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Quality Control

Digital forms for accurate and correct quality control.

Improve operational excellence with mobile workflows

We help our customers move from paper plans and drawings to digital and mobile workflows that improve the accuracy of their quality control actions.

Our solution automates and standardizes risk mitigation flows, improves the quality of rework by simplifying it and shortening the time frame, and offers deep insights, reports, and analytics.

Gain Fast Quality Control Operations

Minimize Risks

Link the office and field through real-time communication and document exchange to avoid losing, or misplacing documentation. Assure ability to access up-to-date drawings, models, former inspections directly on-site, in real-time.

Improve quality & reduce rework

Standardize processes and reduce rework managing quality across the project by completing inspections with digital checklists. Create your own checklist templates or use already existing ones so you can be consistent in execution.

Operational excellence

Capture best practices and expertise and keep the knowledge in-house by transcribing it into a form or a checklist that can be carried forward on future projects.
oil and gas operator performing inspections on a rugged tabled with digital smart data capture solution smartflow
  • Identify quality problems faster
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Cut poor-quality expenses
  • Work online and/or offline
  • Comply with government regulations

Build automated quality control forms

How is our solution assisting the operators?

Rapid creation of forms

Standardize all your forms and use the auto-fill features to help you save time and increase productivity.

Task Management

Easily assign new tasks and never dismiss a priority due to in-app alerts and approval features.

Automated Issues Corrections

Decrease human error with our automated and pres-setted forms.
machine inspector performing regular inspections using a digital tool smartflow and a rugged tablet
  • Access real-time analytics
  • Reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks, and returns
  • Centralized communication
  • Improve alignment and set expectations

Unlock high-quality control potential

With Smartflow our customers are streamlining their quality processes, easing inspectors' efforts to schedule and perform audits. Smartflow offers the liberty to monitor processes so users have a better understanding of the level of risks on any project.

With the data insights, companies can see which areas of work or inspection procedures resulted in the highest or lowest conformance. This way, our customers can always have a clear view of the performance and the areas that require improvements.

Learn more about digital inspections

Prioritize work orders. Aim for a collaborative effort. Use standard templates to boost preventive maintenance. Store your data correctly and avoid compliance issues. Aim for smart routine preventive and pedictive strategic checks with Smartflow.