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Creating a digital driven maritime industry, connecting operations & maintenance for an agile and fast transformation.

Digitalizing maritime field inspections

Maritime transport is one of the largest parts of global trade. Ships have to stay safe to protect cargo and prevent environmental damages. There is an immense effort to conduct ship safety inspections, and paper-based inspections are still common despite the risks.

Inadequate inspections could affect the crew's safety, so the inspection reports have to be highly accurate and quickly assigned a time limit to mitigate the deficiencies. If these inspections are still conducted using the paper-based system, everything from human errors to time-consuming data distribution impacts the ship's safety.

The maritime industry needs a robust system that supports real-time, customizable, and accurate data for informed decision-making. To connect workers with the rest of the system, the integrated platform & app needs friendly usability that empowers the connected worker to create forms, tasks, checklists easily and fast, online & offline, anywhere at any time.

There is no better time for the maritime industry to undergo a digital transformation. Facing severe pressures to optimize operations and reduce costs, the traditional methods for vessel inspections do not work anymore.


Data availability

Easy access to data, transparent data monitoring, fast data extraction, exchange and data safety, secure Cloud storage. By streamlining the data capture process, the operators can automate it for future functions giving them more control and reassurance. 

Increased productivity and uptime

Automate your compliance processes to reduce workload, lessen audit risks, and minimize fines and violations. Organize the validation steps via workflows, have in-app access to browsing history, report in-app nonconformities right when they identify them, carry out the supplier audit directly on mobile or tablet devices, and most importantly, automate reports and prepare process reviews directly in the app. 

Elevated crew's safety

Highly accurate and quickly assigned inspections to mitigate the deficiencies. Fewer accidents, better compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and other standards, and establish a clear preventive maintenance direction. 

maritime ship inspector holding a tablet with a smart data capture solution
  • Easy changeable or adjustable
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Leverage data in disconnected documents
  • Reduced costs and higher profitability


Online & Offline Access

Access inspections, workloads, tasks, checklists, and forms from anywhere, even in the absence of internet connectivity. 

Multi experience

Wide range of controls to use the best way for data entry as well as providing overviews and data visualization.

Field users' perspective

Easy to integrate with all kinds of applications and components so you can interact internally and externally in a way field users and businesses prefer.
maritime ship crew performing ship inspections on ship
  • GRID-view
  • Scalable platform

  • Customized reports
  • Connectivity
  • Copying forms
  • Combine data from the operator rounds with data from other sources

Connect your crew!

Connected environment

Maximize operations’ collaboration keeping them connected anytime anywhere.

Shared usability

Multiple operators work on the same form without affecting their colleagues' work and ensuring no details are missed.

24h availability

Effortless access to forms and previous inspections by anyone in the organisation.
maritime ship crew onboarding a ship to inspect
  • Less human error

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased uptime
  • Cybersecurity

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Assured reliability


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