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Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

Make sure turnarounds meet performance expectations by digitalizing inspections and workflows.

Save staff hours and reduce asset downtime with digital inspections

Improving operational performance has been one of the biggest goals for industries like oil & gas and petrochemical. Technology is shaping the way operators plan and execute major turnarounds. Our core business is to connect inconsistent data and business processes with the rest of the organization.

Our customers use Smartflow to clearly overview the risks, activities, and processes included in the turnaround sphere. Using Smartflow, you acquire trade-offs clarity that will allow you to understand and properly manage outcomes. This way, you secure the safety of the plant, the workers, and the budget.

Revamp Plant Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages

Ensure Health and Safety

Digitize processes so you can minimize the risks and predict dangers. Ensure the safety of all people on-site, and improve the accuracy and the response time.

Predictive Analytics

Our solution gives you immediate improvement in forecasting. With consistent data and a clear overview, you can predict how many hours a task requires, what the costs are for each worker and each process. Use this data to solve issues and inconsistencies.

Predictive Maintenance

Use the data you collect on our platform to avoid high costs and keep your facility up longer. Create a culture of predictive maintenance rather than a reactive one. Make sure your equipment works for longer periods with less unplanned downtime.

oil and gas equipment
  • Improve Hands-on Tool Time
  • Track people and assets
  • Valuable insights for future turnarounds
  • Workloads tracked in real-time
  • Connected, timely, and accurate information

Streamline work and increase the efficiency of critical workflows

Improve all-round communication

Using Smartflow, you create a culture of real-time communication. With an improved supply chain information, you can better manage your operations. Using our solution, our customers have increased their ease of sourcing just-in-time products.

Boost Efficiency

Operate a facility smarter and more centralized. Automate updates and notifications to asset managers to renew assets insurance in time and ensure productivity doesn’t get disrupted.

Enhance knowledge transfer

Help your operators to stop wasting time looking or waiting for information. With all information in one place, you assure a fast and certain knowledge transfer at a click distance.

oil and gas offshore site on water
  • Perform digital walkthroughs
  • Safely manage the transition to and from daily operations
  • Achieve scope assurance with predictive analytics
  • Leverage the connected industrial worker mobility
  • Correctly prioritize the scope of work

The Digital Plant

The rise of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) has placed greater importance on software and data insights. Business leaders have turned to digital solutions to help them monitor the status of equipment and mitigate performance problems.

Smartflow helps businesses perform predictive maintenance to address any issues before they become problems. Using our accurate performance data reports, plant engineers can use them in production, enabling a shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.