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NSW Ports go live with Smartflow Digital ISGOTT Solution.

The successful implementation of Smartflow and our partners Platform8 at NSW Ports in Australia is now officially live. As an international standard, ISGOTT ensures safe and efficient operations within the maritime and tank storage sectors. NSW Ports is home to terminals like Vopak, Quantem, Elgas, and Qenos.

MR Group leveraging Smartflow inspection platform

We are honored to share the news about MR ModuResources and Smartflow working together towards improved quality of inspection services, leveraging data, and providing more targeted and cost-effective inspections. Inspectors in the field use Smartflow's mobile app to efficiently execute workflows and capture data online & offline, anytime and anywhere. 

Smartflow partners up with Platform8 to solve safety and productivity in Australia and New Zealand

Industry reports have highlighted productivity issues within the maritime and tank storage industry, with New Zealand and Australia struggling to keep up with global benchmarks. In an effort to solve these issues and help the market embrace digital technology, and equip field workers with the best-performing tools, Platform8 and Smartflow joined forces. 

Vesta Terminals & Smartflow Interview by Tank Storage Magazine

Molly Cooper, Journalist at Tank Storage Magasine, speaks to Vesta Terminals about how the introduction of Smartflow's Digital ISGOTT Solution has transformed operations. What was the impact of Digital ISGOTT on the ship-shore collaboration between the tanker and the terminal, and what is next? Full interview published in Tank Storage Magazine issue February-March. 

Matau-Marine digitizes ship audits & logbooks with Smartflow

Matau-Marine GmbH is digitalizing their ship audits & logbooks with our cloud-based platform. Matau-Marine provides optimized, integrated solutions & services for the maritime industry. Their goal is to enhance the exchange of experience between shore management & sea staff and activate huge potential.

SAPREF onboards the Smartflow digital ISGOTT solution to digitalize terminal

SAPREF is now digitalizing the ISGOTT v6 processes and incoming ship scheduling using Smartflow throughout their entire terminal on the East Coast of South Africa. In the future SAPREF and Smartflow will work on further digital developments at the terminal.  Read more about the digital ISGOTT solution.

Vesta Terminals using the Smartflow Digital ISGOTT solution in collaboration with NxtPort International

Vesta Terminals is now welcoming ships to their terminals using the digital ISGOTT solution developed by Smartflow. The onboarding of Vesta Terminals is being done through NxtPort International, a strategic partner in delivering the digital ISGOTT solution to terminals and ports worldwide. 

Smartflow collaborating with NxtPort International. Implementing the ISGOTT v6 solution

Smartflow has announced the collaboration with NxtPort International, an innovative smart data-sharing platform, for sustainable, safe, and efficient supply chains. Smartflow and NxtPort International have already begun rolling out the digital ISGOTT solution in Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Vopak will be using the Smartflow Connected Worker SaaS Platform

Smartflow is proud to announce that Vopak will be using the Smartflow Connected Worker SaaS Platform to digitize the frontline operations.  Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company.

Smartflow and Neanex Portal showcase - Together towards connected workers

Introducing the next generation of connected workers with smart data capture, integrated process flows, and relevant insights. Read more about this partnership and how it might be helpful to your business. 

Smartflow is integrating the use of smart glasses in inspections.

Smartflow is leveraging the capabilities of the new age tools like smart glasses that help field inspectors and operators share smart data capture to the back-end team.  Read more for more info.

Smartflow announces collaboration with diize

We are honored to announce our strategic collaboration with diize - a software company providing smart digital solutions for the maritime industry. We are currently working on a simple digital module/solution supporting the new digital ISGOTT v6.