Smartflow collaborating with NxtPort International. Implementing the ISGOTT v6 solution

Smartflow has announced the collaboration with NxtPort International, an innovative smart data-sharing platform, for sustainable, safe, and efficient supply chains. Smartflow and NxtPort International have already begun rolling out the digital ISGOTT solution in Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Vopak will be using the Smartflow Connected Worker SaaS Platform

Smartflow is proud to announce that Vopak will be using the Smartflow Connected Worker SaaS Platform to digitize the frontline operations.  Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company.

Smartflow and Neanex Portal showcase - Together towards connected workers

Introducing the next generation of connected workers with smart data capture, integrated process flows, and relevant insights. Read more about this partnership and how it might be helpful to your business. 

Smartflow is integrating the use of smart glasses in inspections.

Smartflow is leveraging the capabilities of the new age tools like smart glasses that help field inspectors and operators share smart data capture to the back-end team.  Read more for more info.

Smartflow announces collaboration with diize

We are honored to announce our strategic collaboration with diize - a software company providing smart digital solutions for the maritime industry. We are currently working on a simple digital module/solution supporting the new digital ISGOTT v6.

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