White papers

The future of inspections is now.

This whitepaper depicts why transitioning to a digital data management system and embracing data mobility will help companies connect their workers while simplifying the inspection process. Dive into the content of the whitepaper to gain more insights and information.

6 Steps to a smarter digital organization

Whether your company is active in the discrete or process industry, you're undoubtedly dealing with a shorter horizon for your client and production processes. Product life cycles shorten the age of your assets, clients become more demanding and raw materials become scarcer. Zoom into this resource for more insights.

What slows down the OGP digital transformation.

Companies face difficult challenges in adopting new technologies like Data analytics; System integration; the Internet of things; Cybersecurity; The Cloud, and many others. In this whitepaper, you will read about the challenges the OGP is dealing with and the solutions for each.

How are Spreadsheets and other office tools impacting your Inspections.

As you may already know Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Google Sheets are some of the largest office tools on the market. Many businesses are using these programs for performing work inspections besides other activities.

Mobile Operator Rounds - Oil and Gas Industry

The oil & gas industry has overcome many challenges in the past. Many of these challenges still negatively impact the industry. From high-volume data to complex business files and data processing, operators struggle with efficiency and accuracy. 

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