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White papers

The future of inspections is now.

Read this whitepaper to learn how companies like your implemented technology to help their inspectors.Transitioning to a digital data management system and embracing data mobility will help companies connect their workers, create a collaborative work environment, and reduce downtime.

The Impact of Smartflow's Digital ISGOTT Solution.

Read this eBook to learn about the impact of Smartflow's Digital ISGOTT solution on the ship-shore collaboration between terminals and vessels. The Digital ISGOTT solution improves the safety and efficiency of the entire terminal and enhances compliance. Read the full eBook.

What slows down the OGP digital transformation.

Read this whitepaper to understand what are the major barriers the oil and gas industry faces when it comes to implementing digital solutions for their field operations and how these challenges can be overcome in short time with fewer costs, and no hustle from the IT teams.

How are Spreadsheets and other office tools impacting your Inspections.

Read this whitepaper If you run inspections using one of these programs, and you know how difficult it is to exchange data between separate software programs or you noticed how complicated collaboration is.

Mobile Operator Rounds - Oil and Gas Industry

This free whitepaper gives an overview of the effect of enterprise mobility solutions and how will mobile apps transform the oil and gas industry