How to use Information Excellence to move your organization forward?

Investing in optimized decision-making helps companies use their organization’s data as a strategic asset that generates more business impact. 

What is the role of Information Excellence in moving an organization forward? 

Information Excellence strategically leverages information to drive exceptional customer value and experience, creating streamlined processes and resourcing, allowing a unified approach with enterprise-level management. 

With an Information Excellence approach, organizations can integrate into their IT environment different solutions that can work together, allowing a complete data integration. Maybe one of the most impactful benefits of information excellence is identifying and analyzing meaningful data instead of data bulks. 

Information Excellence in the Energy industry 

What makes the need for information excellence so important for the energy industry? 

Many organizations need to support stakeholders’ activities across a whole business ecosystem. Inaccurate processes would make anticipating, understanding, and dealing with inevitable changes more complex, therefore delaying certain decisions. 

Our customers use the data they captured with our Smartflow solution to optimize these business processes so they can accelerate the execution and compliance of operations and maintenance workflows. 

Using a smart-data capture solution provides a single source of truth for every plant life cycle state. When organizations nurture information excellence, they make knowledge transfer accessible. That allows strategic control over the business processes and project direction. Inevitably, organizations learn how to structure information from activity data monitoring to requirements traceability and intellectual property classification.

Our OGP customers aim for terminal facilities that enable their industry to increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, and reduce the frequency of downtime events using intelligent data to drive operational excellence. 

How to use Information Excellence 

Predictive business decisions 

Using data only to analyze what happened is not information excellence. Having access to a solution that allows you to measure performance to unveil new improvement opportunities is what information excellence is all about. Companies should quickly see if the correct data is being collected and what other information would allow them to strategize further to access that information. 

Information excellence gives you direct insights into: 

  • Operational Costs 
  • Operational Efficiency 
  • Overall Productivity 
  • Health and Safety Process Handling 
  • Routine Tasks Value 
  • Work Learning
  • Job Satisfaction 
  • Results 

Using this data, companies can build predictive models to improve any business layer and operation that is not aligned with the business expectations. 


How easy is it to access data within the organization without the help of IT or other departments? Smartflow customers use our solution to get access to data insights in real-time using a custom dashboard. Everyone in charge can visualize all the corrective actions anywhere at any time. It is effortless to sharpen the accuracy of the conducted processes at a business level and speed up the rapidity of business decisions.

Smart data analysis 

Gathering the correct data is not enough. Building a process for analyzing and reporting the data will lead to information excellence. Our customers have managed to drive proven and standardized methods to analyze every key indicator they have collected and use the insights to strategize the best solutions. 

Connected Worker Solution enables Information Excellence

Running Data analytics and decision management through unified technology solutions helps companies achieve information excellence. We build a communication bridge between frontline operations and all the other departments in the company with our solution. 

Field operators can track, monitor, collect, and report critical data, alarms, and events in real-time. They will also see issues and rationalize alarms, all in one place. 

Business users can leverage the data in disconnected documents, optimize safety-instrumented systems, and manage corporate risk. Smartflow enables a real-time view of safety system performance while using stored data to validate processes and identify issues.

Do you wish to leverage information excellence within your company? Talk to one of our consultants and let them know what your needs and expectations are. 


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