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The energy leaders have long been searching for ways to create a more collaborative work environment. Read this article for more insights into solutions.

The energy leaders have long been searching for ways to create a more collaborative work environment. Read this article for more insights into solutions. 

How can tank storage companies, petrochemical organizations, and other oil and gas businesses minimize compliance issues, financial loss and ensure a more transparent supply chain? 

See Curoil Use Case

The energy industry understands that solving collaboration issues will ensure support to their workers and customers, especially in challenging times. Creating a collaborative work environment where workers, buyers, and suppliers have a clear view of the ongoing processes helps the energy industry streamline their entire supply chain, minimizing the likelihood of disasters. 

Knowledge-share increases innovation. When companies eliminate communication boundaries, information transfer and sharing knowledge enable the connected workers to improve their work state. 

In the webinar we organized together with our partner Maxgrip, 'How to maximize the synergy between maintenance and operations,' we discussed this in more detail. Watch it here

Paper is one of the biggest impediments in building an open, collaborative work environment for the energy industry. Processes that are still performed on paper do not encourage collaboration nor support efficiency. 

Technology has become a communication facilitator. Connected worker solutions support data and information sharing, enabling an easy knowledge transfer to help companies scale, be more adaptable to rapid change, explore new opportunities, and increase cash flow. 

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Connected worker platforms solve collaboration issues

A connected worker platform strengthens efficiency and reduces HSE risks by solving the disconnection between planning and operations. Bringing these two sides together by giving them a platform to exchange information can help them identify various gaps faster than any other paper-based process. 

Oil and gas companies are to ensure efficiency and optimal execution to establish seamless operations across the entire supply chain. 

Connected worker platforms offer a single source of truth that eliminates human error and misinterpretation, offering a complete overview of the asset history. Collaboration between teams becomes an evergreen flow of information, empowering the connected workers to make faster decisions. 

Oil and gas organizations need solutions that connect their workers across geographies and roles, mainly since safety regulations impose physical distancing and little to no one-on-one interaction. 

Connected worker solutions become collaboration tools that are integral in encouraging operators to bridge into the organization's collective knowledge. Solving issues remotely is no longer a challenge as experts have the knowledge and data at a click distance. This creates a culture of lasting value that does not expire, and it's not at risk of being lost in a pile of paper. 

A study run by Mckinsey estimates that 'digital collaboration has the potential to unlock more than $100 billion in value—thanks in part to productivity boosts of 20 to 30 percent in collaboration-intensive work processes such as root cause investigation, supplier management, and maintenance.'

How Smartflow connects your workers

  • With features like device notifications and network connectivity discovery, the platform ensures that each party involved in the process has real-time information available. This helps identify gaps or delays in the process and act upon them early.

  • Smartflow provides the platform for people with different roles like planners, shift supervisors, operators to work collaboratively on the digital forms.

  • With roles and permission structures available in the platform, it is easy to implement data-sharing policies without affecting the workflow or creating duplicate copies of documents for different target audiences.

  • Smartflow is a non-intrusive collaboration platform that either can serve as a complete digital workflow solution in itself or can integrate seamlessly with any existing system.

  • Each change made in the digital forms is recorded and available on-demand in case of audits.

  • Easy integration with wearables to help connected workers work hands-free and to get remote visual assistance.

What is your next step towards collaboration? Get in touch with us and talk to a consultant about the possibilities. Share your needs, and we will create a tailored solution to help your organization connect your workers. 

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