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Connected Worker Platform

Accelerating the workforce's digital transformation across all industries.

What will your company achieve
with a connected worker platform?

Digital transformation is impacting industries worldwide as data collection and exchange are creating new and valuable opportunities.

Less human error


Improved productivity


Increased uptime


Fewer costs


Faster decision making

The Platform

Our platform supports a Kanban view used to monitor work status updates.
Currently, our platform supports Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. Other languages can be added on request.
Our platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure.
We have our own message system within the app to easily updated users.
You can create, adjust users, and set access, stand-alone, or together with IAM systems.
Roles and permissions can be edited on all modules and elements in our app.
The theme will meet your company style but at the same time can differ for different users within your company.
You can create personalized reports to meet any requirements.

The App

You can easily attach pictures or videos to any checklist in the app.

When back online, data is updated automatically through background sync and everyone is notified.

Available anytime, anywhere on web browsers Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS.

Smartflow makes use of drag&drop principle to make the creation of checklist as easier as possible.

You can easily configure push notifications from the builder.

Use already existing checklist templates and save time.

Smartflow can extend the app functionalities for enterprise users.
Create forms in your native language.