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What is a connected worker platform, and how can it help the energy sector?

The energy sector and the oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, and refining companies now have more ways than ever to connect and support their workers. Read the article and the infographic. 

What industry challenges can a connected worker platform solve?

Our connected worker platform transforms all field-related operations & maintenance tasks and controls into one flexible, configurable App. Continue reading for full understanding.

6 Steps to a smarter digital organization

Whether your company is active in the discrete or process industry, you're undoubtedly dealing with a shorter horizon for your client and production processes.  Read this infographic for a better understanding of your company's digitization.

2D & 3D Asset Management

Control your processes by visualizing your assets and work processes. In this whitepaper, you can have an insight into how the technician, planner, reporter, and business analyst digitally collaborate and what benefits are for everyone. Gain more insights.

Four Steps Guide - How to pitch a digital business solution for operator rounds to your Decision Maker

Digitizing your workflows and inspection process is an important step, and you might be asked to prepare a case study to present the benefits you envision.

Three things the Oil and Gas industry can do to optimize costs immediately

Understanding in real-time what's driving quality-set benchmarks, and increased uptime will lead to higher revenue, ensuring your license to operate is always compliant and safe. 

Transformation of the oil and gas industry with digital inspections

One of the oil and gas industry priorities is building a seamless integration between the office and the field operators. This will help businesses to enable efficiency through the integrated solution.