Valuable Data & Insights

Data Insights are creating new and valuable opportunities.

Technology has always been a growth enabler. Get access to data insights in real-time using a custom dashboard. Everyone in charge can visualize all the corrective actions anywhere at any time. Sharpen the accuracy of the processes you conduct and change the rapidity of business decisions.


Capture historical data to track, monitor, collect, and report key data, alarms, and events. Do this in real-time for better briefed operational and business decisions.


Get access to real-time visibility into key-essential indicators and use the insights to strategize the best solutions for your business.


Data & Insights leave no room for error. Providing the connected worker with verifiable facts and accurate, real-time data to make based decisions is a sound strategy that yields positive results over time.

How will Data & Insights help your business?

  • Quick decision making
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Quantify potential losses
  • Perform technical data analysis
  • Leverage continuous improvement

Nurture an environment of collaboration

As long as your organization is susceptible to human errors and data losses due to an unstructured way of handling data, your entire organization will suffer.

Our mission is to help your industry thrive even in the most uncertain times. Our solution will help you increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, get accurate data insights, and storage data correctly. With a solution that maximizes operations’ productivity, business leaders you focus on maximizing other areas of growth

  • Mark van der Wolf

    Director Service & Projects at MOBA
    Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and lead time reduction of the service order process. By implementing the user-friendly Smartflow, we expect a significant reduction in the manual administrative work of both the service engineers and the back office.
  • Leo Brand

    CIO at Vopak
    With the rollout of the Smartflow platform at our terminals, we will be able to speed up, building our digital infrastructure to transform our frontline operations. Our people at the terminal will be able to work much more efficiently, and they will be supported in standardizing processes like ISGOTT and digital operator rounds.
  • Project Lead Digitization Jasmine Ang Picture

    Ang Jasmine

    Project Lead Digitization at Vopak

    Good things must be shared! I truly believe that digital ISGOTT is an industry game-changer. Apart from the benefits that come with remote access to complete checklists, there is now greater visibility of status for all necessary stakeholders and an easy archival/retrieval system. No need to store more stacks of paper! Go green, go sustainable!

  • COO at NxtPort International profile picture

    Geert de Wilde

    COO at NxtPort International

    Smartflow makes the declaration of inspection - ISGOTT 6, the international #safety check-list for #oil tankers and #terminals, much more convenient, efficient, cost-effective and transforms productivity. Compliance with Covid-19 safety regulations is ensured, it is done entirely digitally instead of face-to-face.

  • Mario Rovers

    Manager AMTeK at Aboma

    The Smartflow app helps inspectors collect and interpret data. We can easily analyze data and prepare for future events or to predict failure. Data can be analyzed immediately consequently improving the quality of inspections.

  • Teus van den Brink  

    Service Coordinator at MOBA

    Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and lead time reduction of the service order process. Due to the implementation of the user-friendly Smartøow, we expect a signiöcan reduction in manual administrative tasks for both the
    service engineers and the back office.

  • profile picture Edwin managing direct NxtPort Asia


    Managing Director at NxtPort Asia

    Smartflow is a highly configurable tool that allows it to easily include local forms like terminal-specific pre-arrival questionnaires, safety guidelines, declaration, and load/discharge plans. Smartflow’s Digital Ship/Shore Safety Checklist solution allows terminal operators and refineries to fully digitize this workflow.

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