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Smartflow is taking our mission to digitize frontline operations and connect workers in the oil and gas industry to several events in 2022 and 2023. How can you meet us and when?


From the traditional IT landscape, oil and gas companies are used to running their own IT systems. At the front, where tasks come together, work is often done on paper, or digital applications are devised from a maintenance or operations perspective. We see that the IT systems and the processes are set up as silos within the organization. Each with its tasks and responsibilities. 

That is, of course, not the goal. The difficulty lies in understanding each other's language and jointly ensuring that assets are healthy and deliver the expected value. Therefore, processes, tasks, and checks must be defined based on a common result rather than own KPI's. The technology to bring things together is available, even without affecting the existing infrastructure and processes too much.

Your business needs a mature solution that understands how your industry works and what are the needs of your workforce. When using Smartflow, your connected workers will be enabled and guided by technology and not feel pressured by it. 

Our mission to digitize frontline operations means that your workforce is on top of our minds, and streamlining the processes they work with is what we know best. 

When your workers are fully integrated & enabled within their work environment by connective technologies, they can deliver and receive information in real-time. This increases productivity on its own and feeds the productivity of their colleagues. 

Safety, quality of data, error prevention, are all results of a digitally connected work environment. 

Jelle Swanenberg Speaking at Stockexpo.


Technology is transforming the nature of how health, safety, and environment specialists manage risks, strategize decisions, and create future plans. Turning towards data and advanced analytics to use insights to improve safety, performance and costs is a beneficial roadmap strategy for the entire oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.

By default, a smart-data capture solution will help workers avoid collecting misleading or incomplete data, which will empower them to work faster, more organized, and automated. This will lead to fewer accidents, better compliance, and other standards and establish a clear preventive maintenance direction.

By collecting and storing data, you can retrieve meaningful information that can help decision-makers make informed decisions.

Besides, this newly generated data can also be used for intelligent decision-making. That means forecasting, for instance, based on historical data.

Thus when working with Smartflow, the workers are enabled to generate data that they can use themselves and feed into high-level processes of decision making. 

This creates a data value chain or even a data ecosystem that can benefit organizations by making existing processes much more efficient. The future innovation endeavors of organizations will also benefit from this. 

Not to mention the whole communication process between customers - stakeholders - and the connected worker.

THE new generation of connected workers

We are looking at a new generation of connected workers that are integrated into their environment. 

They are supported by their working systems, provided with enterprise wearables, united with IoT, and by means of technologies have an improved hands on tool time. With a single notification, the connected workers are reminded what tools they need, how they can access the site, what type of work permit they need, all the steps and effort required before getting to the asset. 

The connected worker will also make their work visible to other operators, so miscommunication is no longer challenging. 

Meet us at Stocexpo, Maintenance Next, and many other events in 2022 and 2023. Let us know your questions and needs, and we will use our extensive expertise in working with oil and gas companies to find the most tailored solution for your business. 

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