Why can energy companies rely on connected worker technologies in times of crisis?

The energy sector doesn't seem to have a break from crises, with new challenges rising in each corner. After dealing with a pandemic that has required energy leaders to react quickly and rethink work from managing remote work to replacing the workforce, train a new generation of workers, and constantly figuring out methods to decrease costs, to a persistent climate crisis and tight deadlines, they are now fighting another challenge caused by the heartbreaking war that Russia has declared in Ukraine on the 24th of February.

Since then, oil and gas companies such as BP, Equinor, Exxon, and Shell have announced their exit from the Russian market. Climate activists have already extensively pressured these fossil fuel giants to invest in renewable energy. 

Could this be a considerable big step that will lead to a more sustainable future? 

The losses pale in front of the values these companies have been building up for such a long time. Many energy companies are now aiming at cost savings methods and innovative ways to improve revenue and keep the best talent in-house.

Why can Energy companies rely on connected worker technologies in times of crisis? 

Long gone are the days when we looked at digitalization as a trend or a buzzword. It has become clear that technology paves shorter paths to fully collaborative environments that stimulate alignment and transparency throughout the organization. 

Postponing the implementation of digital solutions is not cost-effective long-term. It might give the impression of cost savings short-term. Still, in reality, it's costing businesses the workers' productivity and time invested in lengthy and complex operations that could be easily simplified. The lack of real-time data, operations overview, unsatisfactory employee experience, and engagement add up to poor expertise retention.

Learn how KONE Netherlands has improved workers' satisfaction and retention with Smartflow.

The new generation of workers wants clear, concise, and easy to handle digital forms, checks, flows, checklists, or reports. The processes that frequently turn out to be inefficient, too complicated, and lack compliance with the regulations imposed by the organization and the government have become a burden for the field workers and the office workers.

It is worth mentioning that connected worker technologies such as Smartflow nurture a digital mindset that designs digital cultures focused on environment-friendly technology, paperless operations, fast collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

How can energy companies reduce costs in times of crisis? 

By introducing connected worker technologies

Connected worker solutions support data and information sharing, enabling easy knowledge transfer among the field and office operations. Connective technology helps companies scale, be more adaptable to rapid change, explore new opportunities, and increase cash flow.

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With the right technology, companies can ensure that workers rise to the complexities of their tasks. They simplify their processes, and it even helps them unload the stress of keeping all the paper processes safe.

When data is automatically saved and stored, their only concern is to complete all tasks on time.

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By enabling Single Source of Truth Data

To gather, organize, and analyze data sources faster and deliver more intelligent analysis in shorter periods of time is a pinpoint advantage in such a rapidly changing industry. 

With a single source of truth solution, organizations build a culture of transparency that makes information reporting easy and user-friendly. The goal should be taking a load from the workers' hands and not adding to it.

The alternatives to difficult excel sheets and email reports are solutions that lessen workers' workload and cultivate agility and error-free operations. 

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By facilitating paperless operations 

The simple usage of a smartphone app to perform daily checks, yearly inspections, operator rounds, or any other regular inspection will solve efficiency problems by bringing people, processes, and technology together. 

Field workers are investing too much of their time in processes that can be simplified by reducing them to yes/no questions, or pre-filled checklists, backing them up with visual data, and ultimately standardizing them throughout the entire organization.

To increase employee satisfaction and retention issues is to solve long-term costs. 

In the end, it all comes down to the field worker's experience with the technology they're equipped with and how that technology empowers them to take control of the way they're working.

Final thoughts

Smartflow helps energy companies assure no information gets lost in emails, excel sheets, or misplaced paper checklists. 

Our expertise and experience come as powerful assets in helping energy organizations customize and integrate pre-existing system solutions. There is no need for a complete replacement of current systems but rather integrating our solution with them, simplifying and fastening the whole digital transformation process. 

In our platform & app, you take your paper-based operations and turn them into digital checklists, forms, inspections, tasks, or flows. You can personalize them and create ready-to-use templates for any other new projects. 

Your field workers will prevent any deadline delays so the organization can carry on operations on schedule. 

Your requirements are top priorities for us that's why we make sure to:

  • Integrate with existing systems

  • Offer an easy and smooth implementation plus users' onboarding workshops

  • User-friendly platform & app so any fieldworker can make use of the solution

  • Ready to use templates that are already pre-defined in our platform & app

Learn more about creating a connected worker culture and organization. Request a demo and discover how easy it can be to digitize your paper processes.

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