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Construction companies set up high expectations from their workers as their primary responsibilities are completing projects on-time with no incidents and high-quality results. Get more insights.

A project can take a long period to complete, sometimes years. Many times, during this period, data is recorded on paper leading to piles of documents that could be stored incorrectly, might be difficult to access on time, the information might get lost, destroyed, or breached due to harsh work conditions, right? 

More and more construction companies decide to start performing digital inspections to avoid shortfalls and unwanted scenarios, especially when managing daily workflows. Construction companies that have already started their digital transformation have understood that it is essential for reaching their objectives on time to drop out paper-based inspections and start performing digital inspections. 

To help business professionals understand why digital inspections help construction companies deliver better projects, we put together a list of advantages. 


1. Optimized workforce coordination 

A construction project involves many parties, from the workforce to the equipment, vehicle fleets, partners, suppliers to clients. All these parties involved need proper management to perform well and to align with one another. How easy would it be if you had all these aspects in one place? 

Because of their complexity, construction projects require an up-to-date collaboration with as few as possible back and forth situations or chaotic processes that create gaps in coordination and collaboration. 

You have probably experienced working in unpredictable weather, or receiving last-minute client changes, inconsistent contractors, or equipment failing right when you needed it the most. These make the collaboration and the coordination between the construction site and the administrative staff difficult, slow, and often inaccurate when you run paper-based inspections. 

Benefits of using Smartflow to digitize your construction inspections

  • Determine and acquire the problems that cause high costs in safety, environmental, lost production (quality, time, speed)

  • All data in one place with easy access to details of the inspection

  • Secure site safety and minimize risks 

  • Instant access to performed inspections

  • Automated alerts for review 

  • Reduce response time to critical issues

  • Zero paper waste as workers perform inspections using a smartphone or a tablet

2. Ensured Compliance

No doubt, one of your top priorities is to keep everyone safe on the construction site, identify hazardous situations, and prevent any accidents of any kind. Maintenance and compliance issues might occur when completing and processing paper-based inspections are inefficient and slow. 

How satisfying would it be for a site manager to quickly solve repairs, replacements, and ensure compliance with the regulations imposed? Performing digital inspections, you gain the agility to oversee any avoidable repairs, compliance failures, or litigation risks. 

Poor data management and storage might lead to breaches that might cost you the organization's compliance.  You can easily avoid this once you store and structure data correctly. It will also save you time and energy.

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3. Focus on growth and development

You'd probably like to have a neat process when you're managing inspections so you can streamline work orders and manage workflows most efficiently. When all processes are clear and transparent, focusing on improving management and strategic development capabilities becomes an easy job. 

Technology has always been a growth enabler. This is why construction companies should start performing digital inspections that will facilitate their business growth. 

With Smartflow you can:

  • Easily create custom workflows or use the existing ones in the library 

  • Have insights into analytics and reports to use for their strategic development 

  • Access to a central cloud-based dashboard with real-time data 

  • Automate fault alerts

  • Set automation triggers for schedule adherence, preventive maintenance, and compliance

  • Easy access to archives inspections 

  • Streamline and automate data entry with integration capabilities 

Final Thoughts

In the end, your goal is to have the tools that help you accomplish inspections with less time and little effort. 

We understand the magnitude of the industry's risks by conducting inspections in the traditional, highly-time consuming way. Our clients have chosen a mobile solution and support system like Smartflow because of the high necessity to revamp workflows, data collection, task management, maintenance management, and compliance. 

Our mobile solution helps the industry thrive even in the most uncertain times. Smartflow endorses the construction industry to increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, and storage data correctly.


Leo Brand

CIO at Vopak
With the rollout of the Smartflow platform at our terminals, we will be able to speed up, building our digital infrastructure to transform our frontline operations. Our people at the terminal will be able to work much more efficiently, and they will be supported in standardizing processes like ISGOTT and digital operator rounds.

Thomas Visser

Management Trainee Vopak Europoort

Usage of the Smartflow environment makes it much easier to standardize workflows and to reduce administrative time and errors. For example, when a tanker is discharging her cargo, only questions relevant for discharging activities are provided.
Furthermore standard information and remarks that are applicable for Vopak Terminal Europoort such as emergency procedures, can be pre-filled thus reducing the amount of questions that need to be performed.
Having all data in one digital environment makes it possible for each stakeholder to have easy access to all relevant and up-to-date ISGOTT documents. Zero paper waste as operators perform the process using a PC and ATEX certified tablet.

Mark van der Wolf

Director Service & Projects at MOBA
Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and lead time reduction of the service order process. By implementing the user-friendly Smartflow, we expect a significant reduction in the manual administrative work of both the service engineers and the back office.

Mario Rovers

Manager AMTeK at Aboma

The Smartflow app helps inspectors collect and interpret data. We can easily analyze data and prepare for future events or to predict failure. Data can be analyzed immediately consequently improving the quality of inspections.

    What is holding your organization back? What is the element that is still missing from deciding to implement a connected worker solution?

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