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Making Frontline Industrial Workers the Center of a Connected Ecosystem Using Technology

How can energy companies enable their frontline workers to realize their full potential? 

Typically frontline workers are not fully enabled unless their work is directly visible to others and vice versa. 

What happens when inspectors execute their checks on paper and are not able to finish them? 

Many times they hand the paper to someone else who will store it somewhere. Often, this situation leads to a chain of double work being carried out that could have been prevented if inspectors’ checks had become immediately available and visible digitally. 

How can companies avoid miscommunication and inefficiencies?

By creating a data-ecosystem, embedding and connecting all the workers with the means of technology, many oil, gas, petrochemical, tank storage companies can overcome this type or similar problems. 

A connected ecosystem supports autonomous maintenance guiding workers step by step, creating a routine where there isn’t one. Furthermore, it notifies and shares requirements in real-time enabling agility and performance.

Frontline energy workers become the center of a connected ecosystem when they are equipped with connective technologies that allow them to deliver and receive information online & offline, anytime and anywhere increasing the productivity of its own while feeding into the productivity of their colleagues.

Read the KONE Use Case

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What role does technology play in building a connected ecosystem?

Technology plays a pivotal role in helping professionals in the field to see which tasks, assignments, and activities they need to perform with all information available at a click distance.

All variables that are necessary to determine what needs to be done in the field are processed by us in an intelligent way and we provide a clear and understandable user interface that fits the wishes and requirements of the people in the field. 

Read the article Digitalising frontline operations at terminal published in Tank Storage Magasine.

Working with different industries and various organizations we learned that one of their needs is to gain more grip and control in the communication with their field staff. This not only concerns the monitoring of assignments and work performed, but also the smart management of their field staff. 

How do you allow employees to communicate with each other, but also how do you ensure that certain follow-up takes place or certain triggers in the system ensure proper handling of the work?

Based on the checks and inspections completed in the Smartflow app workers will be able to see the history of a certain asset. 

If there is a certain problem with an asset, the worker can check whether this happened before and recognize issues related to the assets which couldn’t be detected without data.

A field worker who uses digital technology can perform twice as many digital inspections than following a paper-based process. Once the data is collected in one place, field workers are empowered to take immediate actions based on the findings, which saves time, increases efficiency, and transforms the terminal's productivity.

Digital workflows also help field workers by guiding them through the next set of actions as applicable in the problem context, which otherwise would require good training and experience in case of proper forms.

By showing the right and the relevant information on the screen and with validations and business rules that can be applied in digital forms, technology helps field workers avoid mistakes or detect them early.

Supported by their working systems, provided with enterprise wearables, united with IoT, and by the means of technologies have an improved hands on tool time field workers, single a notification, they are reminded what tools they need, how they can access the site, what type of work permit they need, all the steps and effort needed way before they get to the asset. 

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