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Health, Safety & Environment

Assure your workers' safety with mobile inspections.

Improve operational excellence with digital inspections and workflows

Technology is transforming the nature of how health, safety, and environment specialists manage risks, strategize decisions, and create future plans. Current business challenges are requiring leaders to turn towards data and advanced analytics models so they can use insights to improve performance and costs.

Smartflow helps business leaders access advanced analytics successfully, and focus on optimizing project schedules, productivity, and contractor costs.

Have a clear understanding of issues, risks, inconstiencies

Automated EHS digital system and solution

With our robust system, we support real-time, customizable, and accurate data for informed decision-making. Thanks to our user-friendly platform & app, creating forms has never been more engaging.

Multiple data streams

Collect data from multiple sources and manage it in real-time, right from the worksite. Streamline the data capture process, and automate it for future functions.

Gain agility and performance

Organize the validation steps via workflow, get access to browsing history, report in-app nonconformities, carry out the supplier audit directly on mobile or tablet, automate your reports and prepare process reviews directly in the app.

frontline operators wearing masks against covid-19
  • Documentation Management via browsing history
  • Simplify issues sharing with pre-filled data
  • Mobile monitoring indicators
  • Avoid the risk of losing data
  • Comply with government regulations

Enable your company for a complete digital transformation

How is our solution impacting EHS outcomes?

Ease efforts and financial costs

Avoid extra costs resulted from misleading or incomplete data. Help your operators work faster, more organized, and automated.

Reliable digitized HSE system

Leverage your processes to further improve your competitiveness in the market. Trust everything is completed in time with zero human error.

Predictive analysis on accidents

Exploit all data, connect the dots, connect your workers with the machines and establish a clear preventive maintenance direction.
two site operators inspecting pipes on an oil and gas worksite
  • Improved standing between stakeholders
  • Fewer accidents
  • Better compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and other standards
  • Better corporate responsibility
  • Reduced operating costs

Address today’s operational challenges

With Smartflow our customers can access quality data and perform advanced analysis to strengthen their business decisions. We are committed to help businesses improve their EHS, by offering a shortcut to understanding strategically their business' needs and offer all the support needed.

We seek ways in which integrating our solution within the current IT architecture is comfortable and the integration is smooth and easily deployed.

EHS functions should contribute to the entire company's success. Overcoming operations challenges and tackling new technologies will help businesses sustain performance.