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Digitalization at tank storage terminals.

How important is digitalization for energy tank storage terminals, and why some industry professionals are still in doubt about it?

'It will never work on our site.'  Is this familiar to you as well? Experience showed us that it is often used to slow down digitalization; however, early adopters are demonstrating that an intuitive UI and a highly customizable solution for every terminal puts a smile on the face of even the most stubborn person towards digitization.

Working digitally does not have to be a lengthy process, as maybe some of your front-line staff fear. Results can be achieved very quickly, and perhaps the points below will bring more reassurance to you and your colleagues.

Why do tank storage terminals need digital inspections solutions

Working with some of the biggest energy tank storage on the market has given us clear insights into the processes that disrupt operations due to delays, lack of compliance, or miscommunication which oftentimes can cause severe safety issues. 

Dealing with prolonged safety audits due to  paper checklists stockpiles was no longer in line with the customers’ vision for the future. 

Goals such as solving safety, compliance, sustainability, and efficiency come as defaults now for tank storage companies.

With Smartflow, customers have the freedom to roll out existing templates from other terminals (operator rounds, permit inspections, asset handover forms, punch lists, tank inspections) or build/create their own templates. 

On top of the standardized checklists that are ready to use in our library, customers can fully configure their workflows to improve collaboration between all users and roles.

Read the full use case here. The digitalization of the Ship/Shore documentation

What type of solution solves these challenges 

Tank storage companies are looking for a simple app that allows their frontline workers to perform operational checklists.

By creating intuitive processes & workflows customizable for each terminal, our customers track their data in real-time, reducing all possibilities of any kind of errors or miscommunication.

How a data capture solution solves energy storage terminals’ challenges

Turn all paper digital. Forms, checks, and piles of inspections all in one place, standardized and fully compliant to each terminal's requirements under one mobile app. Start small and scale up the workflows as you go.

You can store results and inspection findings in the most standardized way possible to allow each terminal to perform their own data analysis quickly and simply.

What can frontline workers do in the Smartflow app?

  • Easily create custom workflows or use the existing ones in the library 
  • Have insights into analytics and reports to use for their strategic development 
  • Access to a central cloud-based dashboard with real-time data 
  • Automate fault alerts 
  • Set automation triggers for schedule adherence, preventive maintenance, and compliance
  • Easy access to archives inspections 
  • Streamline and automate data entry with integration capabilities

What you can expect

You are going to speed and build up the terminals’ digital infrastructure, which will empower you to transform your front-line operations further.

Moving the digitalization of terminal processes forward puts frontline employees in a primary position to make their work safer, compliant, more sustainable, and efficient.

Do you know if your workers are happy with the way your company performs inspections at the terminal right now?

What solutions do you think they need to make their work safer? Ask them what they miss that would help them and how could you make their daily work better and more digital-oriented.

What is holding your organization back? What is the element that is still missing from deciding to implement a connected worker solution?

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