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Asset Performance Management

Develop the required systems and processes needed to improve asset management.

Start a comprehensive digital transformation

Preparing fixed asset register & compliance with the required standards can be a burden when all processes are still paper-documented. Our solution helps businesses to improve the maturity of asset management processes & align with international best practices.

Smartflow facilitates the identification of equipment degradation to avoid functional failure. You will be able to solve safety, operations, and performance.

Connect assets, people, processes, and technology

Business catalyst

We act as a catalyst to help businesses understand their current level of maturity and to achieve their business objectives. Our solution facilitates the understanding of how reliable and complete operational data is.

Improve Asset Performance

Smartflow assists predictive maintenance, proactive verifications & tracking of assets in a digital manner that will assure a transparent view of data.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Using a data-sharing solution like Smartflow will allow consolidation of all information related to assets in one place. With one click you can access procurement, asset utilization, the health of an asset, impairment, depreciation along with relevant documents for the assets.

filed operator using a tablet to capture data in an inspection process
  • Connect Engineering, Operations and Performance
  • Transparency across every resource, system, and process
  • Predict failures ahead of time
  • Track procurement costs, maintenance, insurance & down time costs
  • Comply with government regulations

Connected data brings departments together

Asset Verification

Maintain the consistency of data in the asset registration & the organization and share information in real-time with all departments involved.

Up to date asset life-cycle

Send an update or notification to the asset manager for renewing the insurance of assets in time so productivity won’t be interrupted.

Evaluate the entire performance chain

Easy overview of the asset base condition (age, layout, overall health, performance).
inspector checking working site
  • Greater alignment of processes, resources & people
  • Reduce in expenses for procurement, maintenance & wastage
  • Compliance with International Regulatory Standards
  • Keep track of vendors, ask RFQ, receive quotations & order the items
  • Easy tracking of unused inventory

Create efficiency in maintenance and operations

An effective digital transition helps you connect the engineers, operators, and maintenance professionals. Assuring all users understand the framework and the best practices, as well as the integrations of the system, is crucial for the success of digitization.

We help our customers roadmap their priorities and needs so they can align tasks, objectives, and costs.