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Software Solutions by Industry

Dive further into how Smartflow transforms your industry.

Smartflow supports many frontline operations addressing various industries that want to achieve growth through a sustainable and digital transformation.

The Smartflow Connected Worker SaaS Platform transforms all field-related operations/maintenance tasks and controls into one flexible/configurable App, enabling organizations to standardize their processes and centralize their data collection in an agile way.

Because safety and performance are essential elements when running regular inspections of areas and equipment across hazardous worksites, our SaaS solution supports companies that still require their operators to record data using paper checklists, clipboards, or spreadsheets, which could lead to process information errors and negative safety repercussions.

We understand that the main priorities of the industries we work with are to ensure the worksite's safety and performance so they can correctly perform the inspections required by regulatory guidelines and by governmental institutions.

The Smartflow Connected Worker Platform gives you a business solution that allows you to easily digitize your field operations, by creating a flexible configurable process layer on top of your existing IT legacy.