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Why should energy companies start considering single source of truth data solutions for their inspection rounds?

Single source of truth data solutions are designed to make the lives of field workers and their back-office colleagues' lives easier, safer, and more efficient.

Too many energy companies are still struggling with data-related issues. Some of the most encountered challenges we have come across are collaboration issues, inaccurate data, too many sources of data, slow or challenging data accessibility, compliance, process optimization, safety, reliability, efficiency, and adopting technology and especially concerning workers in the field.

Leveraging operational data is a strategic goal when companies aim at informed business decisions. The more effortless and secure way to achieve that goal is to allow all stakeholders to use and access the same data from a single source of truth.

Consider the following scenario.

John, field inspector, has to perform his daily operator rounds on-site. As the day goes by, John has not finished the inspection rounds in time, so he heads back to the office to document his paper findings in an Excel spreadsheet.

The next day, Mark, another field inspector, picks up John's work, but because he hasn't received access to the Excel spreadsheet John has documented, Mark is performing the inspections all over again. Mark identifies an alarming issue that has to be immediately reported.

Later on, he finds out John has also reported the problem, but he wasn't aware of that. The status of the report is still unknown to both of them. Mark and John are now looking at two different inspection reports despite doing the same work, twice due to the lack of a collaboration tool and a real-time data exchange solution. 

Read the article Digitalising frontline operations at the terminal published in Tank Storage Magasine.

  • How much time could have been saved if a single source of truth solution had been implemented?

  • What are the risks of not having access to real-time issues reports?

  • What are the long-term challenges of not having an open collaboration solution?

All data in one place

Smartflow is a connected worker solution that allows you to easily digitize your field operations using our low-code/no-code platform & app, like maintenance processes, tasks, inspections, and processes related to safety & regulatory compliance. In the field, our app allows field workers to efficiently execute workflows and capture data that can be shared with (back office) colleagues or partners in real-time to analyze or automatically initiate follow-up actions, like notifying a 3rd party or ordering new parts.

With all data in one place, streamlining business data strategies becomes an effortless task. 

To remain a market leader in the energy industry and have an accurate and fast response to their clients, the industry leaders are now to gather and organize data sources, analyze them faster, and deliver more intelligent analysis.

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What can a single source of truth solution can help energy companies improve?

Accurate reporting for decision-making

Smartflow supports data lakes available for informed decision-making that aim at improving and streamlining future operations or business decisions.

Regulatory compliance

Standardization and centralization can help you accelerate the execution and the compliance of inspections, permits, and work orders, maintaining the highest security and quality while reducing operational risks, meeting compliance, and collecting real-time insights from the generated data.

Process optimization

Optimizing business processes such as; compliance, streamlined operations, risk reduction, well-utilized resources, consistency, assured quality, and end-to-end visibility. SSoT solutions can reduce duplicated, outdated, and faulty information and increase efficiency within an organization.

Efficient operations

With a solution that maximizes operations' productivity, eliminates duplicate data entries and provides decision-makers with the correct data at the right time, you can focus on maximizing other growth areas. Moreover, single source of truth solutions reduce the time spent on identifying which recorded data is correct and improve the data intelligence capabilities.

Technology adoption

Seamless integration between the office and the field operators will enable efficiency through the integrated solution, optimizing inventory and demand management, automatically calculating terminal inventory positions after any product movement, and integrating into your corporate network.

Safety and reliability

With real-time report issues, companies can ensure the safety and performance of the terminal and the workers without any delay that could have significant consequences.

What should organizations do if they want to introduce an SSoT solution?

  • Define what type of data they need to be able to access collaboratively.

  • Prioritize, select, and gather the most relevant knowledge and information that needs to be available across all the stakeholders

  • Define roles and responsibilities clearly

  • Outline the relevant flow processes

  • Establish end-users needs, functional requirements, strategy, governance, and approach

  • Ensure that the chosen solution is scalable, cloud-based, and easy to integrate with.

  • Gain leadership support by identifying their objectives and needs

  • Define the ways to measure effectiveness, business continuity, short and long-term business goals

You can always get support from one of our consultants in defining each step described above. Get in touch.

How Smartflow facilitates the integration of a single source of truth data solution?

We are committed to creating an improved work experience that will allow the frontline workers to have instant access to the checks that have been carried out before, get a clear overview of what essential matters emerged from those checks, and enable them to work faster cleaner and safer.

With our solution, you can build a communication bridge between frontline operations and all the other departments in the company.

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