Mobile Operator Rounds - How will Mobile Apps transform the oil and gas industry

The oil & gas industry has overcome many challenges in the past. Many of these challenges still negatively impact the industry.  Read the article to get more information.

From high-volume data to complex business files and data processing, operators struggle with efficiency and accuracy.

The industry professionals need to realign their collaborative approach and start working toward achieving fundamental improvements and new levels of performance through the power of digitization and mobile operator rounds. 

Organization’s leaders have to start developing an enterprise mobility strategy that will enable innovation to change the way ordinary daily tasks are completed. If business leaders ensure optimal performance, they will also enhance people’s productivity, cost savings, optimization of workflows and safety procedures, and ensure compliance and equipment reliability. 

Enterprise mobility solution 

The oil and gas industry has to step into the new era of technology to empower the industry to overcome the present-day challenges and communication disconnections. 

Innovation requires a transformed mindset for both the operators and the business leaders. To start implementing an enterprise mobile solution,  business leaders need to be ready for superior strategic achievements. The simple usage of a smartphone app like Smartflow will solve efficiency problems by integrating people, processes, and technology.

Business leaders can bring tremendous value to the entire oil & gas work environment by digitizing the mobile workforce that will instantly result in maximized efficiency and improved collaboration. 

Using an app as Smartflow business leaders will:

  • Assure the right information to perform field tasks
  • Reduce response time to critical issues 
  • Secure plant safety and minimize risks 
  • Increase the operators’ reliability 
  • Create a culture of best practices in maintenance tasks and operator rounds

Oil & Gas Industry Optimization 

If the oil & gas industry leaders plan to continue surviving and thriving in the uncertain future we experience nowadays; their focus needs to be on transforming operations and business models with high pressure on reducing production costs. This can only be achieved once efficiency is improved. 

Optimization of the work processes has become a top priority for business leaders who have started to take more seriously the need of the industry for digital transformation. 

Smartflow clients have already understood the magnitude of the risks they are facing by conducting operator rounds and inspections in the traditional, highly time-consuming way. They have chosen a mobile solution and support system like Smartflow because of the high necessity to revamp workflows, data collection, task management, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance. 

Free guide. Four-steps Guide that will help you present the innovative idea to the business leaders.

The digital transformation of the oil & gas industry

The oil & gas industry companies had to work harder once the low oil prices hit the market. That didn’t mean they managed to develop new capital projects. This is one of the most difficult business environments and it once again proves the importance of implementing smart strategies and innovations. 

Our mission is to help the industry thrive even in the most uncertain times. Mobile apps will help the industry increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, and storage data correctly. With a solution that maximizes operations’  productivity, business leaders can focus on maximizing other areas of growth. 

Digital innovation is something companies worldwide, and all industries will have to embrace sooner or later,  or they will fail to keep up with the market. The oil and gas leaders will have to welcome and allow the technology to help them achieve growth. 

Smartflow helps businesses accelerate the execution and the compliance of inspections, permits, and work orders, maintaining the highest security and quality while reducing operational risks, meeting compliance, and collecting real-time insight from the generated data.  

With our solution, we enable engineers, operators, and inspectors to leap into their digital transformation. By generating flows in the app, we created a seamless flow of information and an easy way to collect the requested data while assuring compliance with the demanded guidelines.

Are you a business leader who wants to scale the business? Get in touch with us and we will leap into your business needs and learn about your pains. 


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