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Five benefits to streamline the ship/shore documentation for tank terminals

Digitizing all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities, is an important strategic goal for tank terminals.

Are you looking to digitize the handshakes between vessels and terminals involved in the Declaration of Inspection - known as ISGOTT procedures?

In the Smartflow app, you can access digital checklists for parts 1 to 9, making the pre-arrival, arrival, and repetitive checks easier for the planner & loading master at the terminal and ship’s captain at the tanker.

Our consultants’ extensive expertise within the oil and gas industry, working closely with tank storage companies, gaining direct insights into terminal processes, help us build tailored solutions for energy organizations.

Watch the webinar Digitalization of ISGOTT and other ship/shore documents 

What are the benefits of streamlining the ship/shore documentation for tank terminals?

Enhanced collaboration between tanker and terminal

Digitizing the ship/shore documentation checklists will automatically show the relevant parts based on the product to be transferred. The digital checklist has designated areas if crude oil washing is planned or checks before tank cleaning or gas freeing are applicable. 

Both the tanker and terminal will receive a digital copy of the pre-arrival checks and the SSSCL to be displayed at all the relevant control stations.

Less time, Fewer errors, enhanced safety

These digital ship/shore checklists reduce time and standardize the workflow, ensuring minimum administrative errors.

Our goal is to provide a paperless, user-friendly solution reducing ship/shore safety documentation while focusing on the ultimate goal of health, safety, and environmental protection.

Streamlined workflow

With automated alerts and notifications, the vessel and the terminal receive standard email notifications sent on the completion of individual parts and when cargo operations are complete, with print versions of the checklists attached. 

All ISGOTT checklists & questionnaires in one place, easy to access

With Smartflow, you can configure standard inputs/remarks for specific questions that are likely to have a standard answer depending on the terminal or product. Such pre-filled content helps vessel and terminal personnel avoid redundant responses and save time when completing the checklists. 

Read the article Digitalising frontline operations at the terminal published in Tank Storage Magasine.

The app enhances full knowledge-sharing for planners, loading masters, boardmen, supervisors. Since all processes validation stages are connected digitally, there is zero paper waste, and all operations are contactless.

smartflow app on a rugged tabled isgott 6

Terminal Customization

Being a SaaS solution fully IT integrable with many integration possibilities, terminals can use Smartflow as per their requirements and tailored needs compliant with IT security and GDPR. Terminals and vessels can create a work ecosystem where planners, loading masters, the vessel captain, and the agencies involved can work collaboratively, Digitizing and merging communication into one file.

Read the article: The impact of the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals.

Other benefits of streamlining the ship/shore documentation

  • Pre-designed Declaration of inspection - ISGOTT.

  • Standard views to see vessels in various stages, i.e., pre-arrival, arrived at the terminal, in repetitive checks, and cargo ops finished.

  • Option to download prints of checklists on demand.

  • Automated capturing process and analytical data.

  • Terminal - Vessel collaboration via a public link and the option to share the terminal booklet

  • Fully digitized process-validation lifecycle.

  • Holistic, integrated solution.

  • Troubleshoot production problems as well as support post-approval changes.

  • Full visibility into requirements verification and validation processes.

Client Use Case

Our client Vopak has quickly digitized the ISGOTT v6 procedures, using our platform’s versatility to include the various stakeholders in the process digitally. 

Smartflow’s ISGOTT 6  is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements and tested thoroughly by our clients.

tank terminal chief performing isgott pre arrival checks on computer using smartflow

Our mission

At Smartflow, we integrate processes, people, and technology. Smartflow is a SaaS, low-code/no-code solution that supports real-time, customizable, and accurate data for informed decision-making. 

Enable your connected worker to create digital forms, tasks, and checklists easily and fast, online & offline, anywhere at any time. 

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