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Are you searching for ways to efficiently manage more assets with fewer resources? Read the article for more information and a clear overview.

Many companies still require their operators to record data using paper checklists and clipboards, which in many cases leads to process information errors and negative safety repercussions. 

While you are still conducting paper-based operations you are susceptible to an inaccurate overview of activities, too much time spent on finding the proper information, an incomplete overview of planned and performed work. 

Below are five reasons why you should include digital operator rounds in this year's budget round.

1. Higher revenue

Do you know what is driving quality-set benchmarks and increased uptime? Running an accurate process analysis to extract operational insights can be highly time-consuming when all workflows are still paper-documented.

2. Correct information storage.

How safe is your data stored right now? Are you meeting the demands of both the organization and the government? Digital operator rounds help you store all the information correctly to meet the demands of both the organization and the government. You're not only registering information you are securing the processes that come next. From the operator to the maintenance manager, operations, and beyond, users are facilitated in every step of the process.

Why do you need a single source of truth? Read article.

3. Enhanced communication

Are you aware of the communication challenges your operators are dealing with on a daily basis? Digitizing your operator rounds will secure a more transparent data distribution, more operational efficiency, higher productivity, and safety. Communication among operators is enhanced by making it clear who performed each task.


4. Efficient and accurate process.

Smartflow app allows operators to add photos, so they can support information with objective data making the entire process more efficient and accurate. An agile workflow makes it easier for the operator to add or collect extra information or modify an existing process resulting in guaranteed flexibility.

Learn more about the platform.


5. More insights into your assets and operators' performance

A process where you define clear deliverables and leaves room for ideas and knowledge transfer will lead to the expected results. For this to happen, you’ll need commitment. Digitizing your processes will have an impact on your workers’ performance. Some groups will adapt fast, while others will be slow in the beginning. By working together and focusing on team results, you express your commitment to delivering exceptional results.

In the end, you must keep digital work processes as easy as possible but also compliant ensuring your license to operate.

There is no better way to step up your workflows than actually experiencing what their digitizations would imply. We are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. 

What is holding your organization back? What is the element that is still missing from deciding to implement a connected worker solution?

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