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Industrial Manufacturing

Guide your technicians with digital processes to avoid downtime.

Changing dynamics in field operations

Our customers have managed to optimize work processes avoiding downtime, eliminate the difficulty of managing stocks, save considerable time that is usually wasted on checking misplaced information and connect their people with the machines they’re using daily.

The industrial manufacturing industry is ready for its digital transformation focusing on improving communication, offering their technicians up-to-date technology, and standardize their work processes.


Digitisation of knowledge

Secure data transfer when engineers leave or retire.

Improved communication

Real-time communication and efficient data sharing boost productivity and shorten the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Future-proof IT infrastructure

Make use of a platform where all the applications come together and exchange data with each other.
industrial manufacturing inspectors holding a tablet
  • Increased Productivity
  • Leverage data in disconnected documents
  • Reduced costs and higher profitability


Combine data from the operator rounds with data from other sources

Either is BI (Business Intelligence) data or data that is shared with relevant systems across the enterprise.

Automated Data Sharing

Critical inspections are automatically shared with the right people.

Customized reports

The desired report can be delivered directly from the app in the style of your organization.
industrial manufacturing work equipment
  • Aggregated Data
  • Quick click search using smart filters
  • Combine data from the operator rounds with data from other sources
  • GRID-view
  • Connectivity

Connect your production

Generate in-app tasks

Define workflows with instant task distribution and create action plans directly in the app.

Real-time visibility

Key-essential indicators, real-time alerts, fast approvals, and instant notifications.

Clear overview of the role distribution

Work barriers are eliminated once all workflows are clearly and efficiently distributed.
industrial manufacturing inspectors doing equipment inspections
  • Less human error

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased uptime

Kone Netherlands Use Case. Complete digital forms

Learn how KONE Netherlands is building 30.000 complete, error-free forms yearly, saving up to €525K/year. 


Learn more about digitizing work-process in your industry

NSW Ports’ Successful Transition to Smartflow Digital ISGOTT

In this candid interview, Platform8 CEO Lauren Salisbury discusses the recent changes with NSW Ports’ Wayne Ashton, Operations Manager, and Josh Davidson, IT Manager. The driving force behind the shift was the need for a standardized, user-friendly, and transparent system.

Enabling inspectors at KLM Equipment Services to perform high-quality inspections digitally.

This use case illustrates the digitalization of inspection processes at KLM Equipment Services, resulting from the collaboration between Aboma and Smartflow with the implementation of the digital inspection system called AMTeK.

Delta Plus onboards Smartflow inspection solution while integrating customer portal features for increased transparency and collaboration

Delta Plus about how the introduction of Smartflow, a SaaS solution for digitizing inspections and checks, has helped them save time, prevent human errors, and further improve their customer experience.

KONE. Complete digital forms with Smartflow

The Digitalization of paper forms and checklists with Smartflow has helped KONE increase retention, employee satisfaction, and estimate savings up to half a million euros in the upcoming years. Read full use case for more information and results.

Amcor. Safety First in Packaging Industry

Amcor is the global market leader in consumer product packaging. Amcor wants to be sure to comply with all legally required observations and safety inspections in the workplace. With digitization, this objective can be realized with 100% certainty.

Aboma & AMTeK - The digital inspector

AMTeK is part of Aboma and is the market leader in the field of inspections of large and small equipment in construction and industry.  Read the whole use case for more information and insights into this project.