Smartflow collaborating with NxtPort International. Implementing the ISGOTT v6 solution

Smartflow has announced the collaboration with NxtPort International, an innovative smart data-sharing platform, for sustainable, safe, and efficient supply chains. Smartflow and NxtPort International have already begun rolling out the digital ISGOTT solution in Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

nxt port logoThrough this collaboration, both solutions aim to achieve more expertise in the port & shipping market and resonating results in delivering digital solutions to businesses ready to undergo their digitalization of the handshakes between vessels and terminals involved in the Declaration of Inspection - known as ISGOTT procedures.

Building a strong digital ecosystem that supports ports & shipping businesses is at the heart of this collaboration.

Smartflow has successfully implemented the ISGOTT v6 Use Case at one of the world’s leading independent tank storage companies digitalizing all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities. 

The introduction of version 6 of the International Safety Guide for Tankers and terminals (ISGOTT v6) provided a well-grounded reason to accelerate this, and more organizations are seeking solutions to help them digitalize their processes. 

NxtPort platform has the power to connect all data providers via a state-of-the-art data sharing platform where data governance provides trust. As an enabler for open data from port community systems, they extend their view across the globe in support of the global supply chain.

NxtPort's main goal is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data amongst the port's players. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform allows faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient transfers of data between the different players. The platform creates more transparency in the whole shipping process. NxtPort aims to increase operational efficiency, safety, and revenue.

Smartflow defines the standard for future inspection platforms. With Smartflow, businesses can create synergy between people, processes, and technology. Our SaaS solution empowers organizations to maximize workforce enablement, increase safety & security, and create a collaborative work environment. 

Smartflow & NxtPort will be collaborating on helping port players improve safety, increase insights into processes, master their data safely, have proper management of resources and data, capture the right information faster and more accurate, improve productivity and customer satisfaction, minimize paperwork, never miss an important check, be aligned with the government regulations, access data anytime and anywhere. 

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