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MR Group leveraging Smartflow inspection platform

We are honored to share the news about MR ModuResources and Smartflow working together towards improved quality of inspection services, leveraging data, and providing more targeted and cost-effective inspections. Inspectors in the field use Smartflow's mobile app to efficiently execute workflows and capture data online & offline, anytime and anywhere. 

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MR Group is further developing its digital inspection capability and platforms. When originally implemented some years ago, the digital tool was aimed at supporting surveyors in the field with inspection tasks, simplifying reporting, and allowing the data to be leveraged toward targeted inspections for clients.

The MR Group has recently engaged with Smartflow to adapt and customize Smartflow’s inspection software to advance MR Group’s service offerings further and utilize data to optimize the clients'   operations and assist in making informed decisions.
A pilot program utilizing the Smartflow software was agreed upon. The teams are working closely together to improve the quality of inspection services, leveraging data and providing more targeted and cost-effective inspection tools. 

Duco de Haan, MR Group CEO, commented, 'This is an important step forward to further build upon the Group’s digital and data vision. Feedback from both our front-line field personnel and clients has been instrumental in building upon the first generation of our digital inspection tools, and we are determined to further expand our capability. We are excited to draw upon the expertise of Smartflow and combine that with the Group’s expertise, including the team at MR Deepwater Subsea who pioneered subsea real-time data monitoring, to help build the next generation of digital and data for our clients.' 

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