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Smartflow partners up with Platform8 to solve safety and productivity in Australia and New Zealand

Industry reports have highlighted productivity issues within the maritime and tank storage industry, with New Zealand and Australia struggling to keep up with global benchmarks. In an effort to solve these issues and help the market embrace digital technology, and equip field workers with the best-performing tools, Platform8 and Smartflow joined forces. 

platform 8 and smartflow partner up 1Smartflow joins forces with Platform8, a solution focused on enabling the future of sustainable supply chains. Platform8 enables the co-creation of digital communities for safe, secure, cost-effective, and simple data sharing. The digital platform connects all supply chain points, allowing enterprises to operate at their most optimized performance.

The scope of this collaboration is to streamline maritime and tank storage processes, solve collaboration issues, enhance safety, and ensure productivity by equipping industries with the right digital tools. 


Bringing the Smartflow Digital ISGOTT Solution to Australia and New Zeeland 

Smartflow has successfully deployed the Digital ISGOTT Solution at terminals in Europe, the USA, and Asia. The latest enhancements and developments added to the solution have strengthened its power, making it a powerful tool for tank storage and tankers operators. 

By partnering with Platform8, Smartflow is set to revolutionize these sectors, and the expansion to Australia and New Zeeland is proof of value. 

One of the major problems facing these sectors is the lack of effective communication and collaboration between the tanker team and the terminal, which can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and safety risks. According to industry reports, these inefficiencies can cost the sector $20 billion annually.

Smartflow's Digital ISGOTT solution solves these problems by providing tanker and terminal operators with a comprehensive platform to collaborate effectively, streamline workflows, and enhance safety protocols. With all ship-shore checklists and questionnaires in one place, terminals, and tankers can quickly and easily access the information they need to ensure compliance with safety regulations while reducing manual processes, errors, and delays.

The digital ISGOTT solution is greatly improving collaboration between terminals and tankers, streamlines workflows, and enhances safety protocols. With all ISGOTT checklists and questionnaires in one place, terminals and tankers are able to quickly and easily access the information they need to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Overall, the solution is a game-changer for the industry, and we highly recommend it to any organization looking to enhance their operations, says Roberto Brady GM Commercial Development at Platform8 

Platform8 and Smartflow. Value Statement

Smartflow and Platform8 aim to provide a seamless and efficient exchange of information, enhancing the tank storage industry's safety, productivity, and sustainability. With real-time monitoring and analytics, the two solutions optimize vessel loading and unloading, reduce waiting times, and minimize the risk of accidents and environmental incidents. 

Smartflow and Platform8 enable collaboration and communication between ship and shore operators, ensuring smooth and timely operations. With these digital solutions, tank storage companies can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their environmental and safety performance, ultimately delivering more excellent value to their customers and stakeholders.

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