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Matau-Marine digitizes ship audits & logbooks with Smartflow

Matau-Marine GmbH is digitalizing their ship audits & logbooks with our cloud-based platform. Matau-Marine provides optimized, integrated solutions & services for the maritime industry. Their goal is to enhance the exchange of experience between shore management & sea staff and activate huge potential.

SAPREF logoThe Smartflow team is dedicated to creating a digital-driven maritime industry, connecting organizations for an agile and fast transformation. In the future, Matau-Marine and Smartflow will work together to develop more digitalized ship & vessel processes.

There is no better time for the maritime industry to undergo digitalization, as the consequences of inadequate inspections could affect the crew's safety.  The inspection reports must be highly accurate and quickly assigned a time limit to mitigate the deficiencies. If these inspections are still conducted using the paper-based system, everything from human errors to time-consuming data distribution impacts the ship's safety.

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