Digitalizing your isgott and ship-shore processes

Introducing version 6 of the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals.

Digitalize the ISGOTT 6 processes

Digitalizing all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities, is an important strategic goal for companies, and the introduction of version 6 of the International Safety Guide for Tankers and terminals (ISGOTT 6) provides a well-grounded reason to accelerate this.

How it works

Pre-arrival checks

The planner digitally invites a ship, and the pre-arrival checks for the terminal and the other important information are automatically sent along. View all the information digitally and enter the pre-arrival checklist for the ship. The planner has real-time insight into when all pre-arrival checks are ready and when the ship arrives, the planner can change the status to Arrived @ terminal

Ship/Shore Safety Checklist

The digital checklist automatically shows the relevant parts based on the product to be transferred and has designated areas if crude oil washing is planned or checks before tank cleaning or gas freeing are applicable. Both the tanker and terminal will receive a digital copy of the pre-arrival checks and the SSSCL to be displayed at all the relevant control stations. 

Summary of repetitive checks

The tanker and terminal receive a reminder at an agreed time interval to perform the repetitive checks. The information entered can be viewed by all parties involved all the time. This, for example, makes it very easy to perform shift handovers since all relevant information is digitally recorded and available.

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Why Smartflow

Easily create custom workflows

Enhance real-time collaboration between workers and systems

Automate tasks and controls

Build a A centralized data model with global and terminal-specific content

Connect process validation stages

How Vopak reduced the filling time per ISGOTT form from 45 to 10 minutes.

This use case outlines how Vopak has solved multiple challenges related to the ISGOTT and ship-shore processes by using Smartflow. Along with the implementation of Smartflow, Vopak has standardized their loading and discharging operations ensuring the smooth arrival of oil tankers and reducing ship/shore documentation while focusing on the ultimate goal of safety and environmental protection.

leo brand testimonial vopak uses smartflow to digitalize isgott and operator rounds

More reasons to try Smartflow

Automated capturing process and analytical data

Fully digitized process-validation lifecycle

Holistic, integrated solution

Troubleshoot production problems as well as support post-approval changes

Full visibility into requirements verification and validation processes

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