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Smartflow is integrating the use of smart glasses in inspections.

Smartflow is leveraging the capabilities of the new age tools like smart glasses that help field inspectors and operators share smart data capture to the back-end team.  Read more for more info.

Wearables are changing field services and revolutionizing inspections and monitoring operations. 

Smartflow is currently integrating smart glasses, ATEX certified devices, and non-ATEX, into existing customers’ use cases to offer the improvements this technology is bringing to our users and make data capture and data visualization smarter and easier. We are also working on embedding the voice commands and visualization feature into our builders, so business users can configure their use cases without a technical background.

Watch on-demand the full recording of the Hands-free inspections using Smart Glasses Webinar

So far we have acknowledged the following: 

  • Communication and collaboration are enhanced by creating a bridge between departments, changing the way operators share information, and take initiatives
  • Using voice commands operators have the liberty to work hands-free 
  • Smart glasses can create simulation environments that help operators understand what actions they need to take when visiting the worksite
  • Using smart glasses operators can access specific information related to the tasks they need to perform or the contexts in which they have to perform them
  • Using smart glasses anyone at distance can see what field operators are seeing and provide them with step-by-step instructions as they carry out maintenance tasks. 
  • Implicit knowledge that is normally not shared between users can now be captured easily, therefore, improving instructions, leading to better-informed decision making.
  • The use of smart glasses enables users to capture videos and describe the issue while recording, eature that helps the operators to describe issues to the maintenance departments.

Working side by side with our clients we have recognized the difficulty of getting an operator to accurately address their challenges on the field. Having access to smartglasses would give any decision maker the ability to access important information and data making the operations process easier. 

These are the quickest benefits of smart glasses:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved health and safety
  • Reduction in routine tasks or those with no added value
  • Remote in-service inspections
  • Increased on-the-job learning
  • Hands-free inspections 
  • Video Streaming Inspections 
  • Precise Routing
  • Virtual assistance 

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