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Smartflow and Neanex Portal showcase - Together towards connected workers

Introducing the next generation of connected workers with smart data capture, integrated process flows, and relevant insights. Read more about this partnership and how it might be helpful to your business. 

During these challenging times, more and more companies are seeking innovative solutions to assure their growth and find alternative solutions that help them reduce costs. As a result of changing dynamics, Smartflow and Neanex portal, a Digital Twin Register, cloud-based platform, aimed at simplifying digital construction and infrastructure project, will work on building a workflow that will help decision-makers keep a clear track of the tasks, as well as on the projects’ advancement, and enable users to work as a team.

About Neanex 

Neanex Technologies is an expert in information management and developed a Digital Twin Register. This web-based platform based on data instead of documents and files supports making project information insightful and first-time-right. The Neanex Portal facilitates better workflow management across the entire lifecycle of buildings or infrastructure assets. It consists of a web-based central digital assembly of project information that comes from different leading sources and offers integrations with different tools used in the engineering and construction process (CAD, QA/QC, Project management, Asset management, Sensor platforms, etc.) All project members can easily access asset information in the context they require so that it is specific and relevant for their needs and interests.

The foundation of creating a digital ecosystem

With this cooperation, Smartflow aims to translate all the data lifecycle to the field user such as BIM managers, project managers, and other project stakeholders, who will benefit from an easy to manage data environment, a fast functionality of the portal, as well as the field coordinators who will have a better overview of the work management. Having the flexibility to add comments and annotation to an object, coordinators can simply add an annotation giving the designers direct access to it within the Neanex Portal next to the BIM or pure geometrical information In this way you enrich your BIM model with information straight from the field in a standardized way.

Smartflow & Neanex truly believe in realizing a workflow that will help decision-makers keep a clear track of the tasks, as well as on the projects’ advancement, and enable users to work as a team.

Smartflow and Neanex share the same vision on developing a digital standard that governs and further automates processes and supports frontline operations. Creating an ecosystem of technologies working together to create this added value is key. 

This integration is proof that Neanex can work with a business solution that supports QA/QC and addition to the business proposition made the value to the market more fluid, opening new business opportunities that otherwise would have taken too much time or wouldn’t have been possible because of the extra needs or requirements that Smartflow can now cover and implement. Neanex believes in creating ecosystems where all parties can focus on what they can do best, create a best-of-breed landscape and give flexibility to the user to choose the tools that fit their needs.

Drive-to process-optimization, efficient operations, and technology adoption as the new enhancements of today’s constructions, Smartflow and Neanex are looking to revamp operations & maintenance work processes, supporting the entire lifecycle of a project. With two solutions connected, that maximizes productivity, and translates the functional needs into clear and consistent specifications, businesses will have the liberty to focus on maximizing other areas of growth.

We are dedicated to creating a seamless user experience and information workflow that will empower collaboration across all asset lifecycle management disciplines. 

While Neanex is an innovator in AECO information management, Smartflow provides cutting-edge technology for the connected worker in the field. Together we will ensure the asset information is available everywhere, it's up-to-date, and it's visualized in the most optimal way for all the project team members. - Michiel Reuser, CTO at Smartflow.

Connected workers essential for digital transformation.

Smartflow and Neanex are working together towards connecting the overall work lifecycle with the entire organisation. With their comprehensive expertise, Smartflow and Neanex will help shape the further development of the construction and infrastructure projects by bringing them into a digital environment that connects every worker. 

The two cloud-based solutions will use this collaboration to enable users, training them with innovative technologies to stay effective and productive. Providing all end-users with verifiable facts and accurate, real-time data to make based decisions is a sound strategy that yields positive results over time. 

About Smartflow

Smartflow is a well-grounded cloud-based SaaS solution that digitizes paper-based inspections, operator rounds, SHEQ, and maintenance processes helping industries to increase efficiency and logistics, ensuring safety, and reducing the frequency of downtime events. Smartflow allows businesses to design and implement their own mobile Smart Flows freely and easily, or to use already existing ones.  Smartflow is proud to partner with solutions like Neanex that can envision the future of construction and infrastructure projects in a digitized manner.

For more details about this collaboration, you can contact Smartflow or Neanex.

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