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Amcor. Safety First in Packaging Industry

Amcor is the global market leader in consumer product packaging. Amcor wants to be sure to comply with all legally required observations and safety inspections in the workplace. With digitization, this objective can be realized with 100% certainty.

amcorSmartflow together with Amcor has rolled out the Amcor Safety app within the Amcor plant in Ghent after a successful pilot. Through workshops from our LEAN black belt consultants with the Amcor teams, the tasks, roles, and officers in the safety workflows are mapped and processed in the app.

With the Amcor Safety app, Amcor meets the legal requirements in a maximally controlled manner and its employees are better involved in the process. In addition, the app makes an important contribution to the process that the Amcor organization goes through; the pursuit of zero incidents.  

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