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Delta Plus onboards Smartflow inspection solution while integrating customer portal features for increased transparency and collaboration.

The Smartflow SaaS solution has revamped Delta Plus's inspection processes. By seamlessly digitizing inspections and checks, Smartflow has unlocked remarkable benefits, including significant time savings, error prevention, and an exceptional customer experience. Explore in this use case how this game-changing solution has reshaped the landscape for fall protection solution providers.

Table of contents

  1. About the customer

  2. The challenge

  3. The solution

  4. How it works

  5. The results

  6. The future

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About the customer: Delta Plus

With over twenty years of experience in the industry Delta Plus is one of the biggest manufacturers, distributors, and installers of standard and tailor-made engineered solutions against falls from a height in the Netherlands.

Delta Plus Group covers 46 subsidiaries, 3.500 employees, and teams dedicated to supporting their customers in 110 countries, Delta Plus is a major worldwide player close to their customers. In addition to their teams and training centers, their 280 state-of-the-art trained specialists can advise you in your PPE selection online or on-site.

The Challenge: Stepping away from the traditional ways of working to solve efficiency

The burden of carrying bundles of paper in already challenging working conditions amplified by height, windy, and rainy weather had had its toll on field workers, visibLy making work even harder than it should have been. 

With volumes of work increasing, Delta Plus has analyzed the market in search of the best solution to help them become more efficient. Delta Plus's goals were to strengthen customers’ satisfaction, extend their services, and prepare them for a future where all their customers, partners, and resellers are informed in real-time. 

‘Our employees work a lot outside, which in many cases is not pleasant. The old working method with pen and paper no longer brought the results Delta Plus aims for. We were eager to find the right digital solution for our inspection methods.’ Shares Karin, Manager Services, Delta Plus Systems

The Solution: Smartflow digital inspections & checks 

How it works: All data is one click away

  • After Delta Plus delivers a new project, they can automatically generate and share certificates with customers to keep them in the loop. To increase conversion, a service offering for yearly inspections is generated and shared automatically as well.

  • To solve efficiency and enhance quality, Delta Plus can now easily create new inspection tasks for their field inspectors as well as share an overview with them: where they need to be, when, and provide all the necessary backup information such as contact information and technical drawings.

  • To unload the paper bundle burden inspectors used to carry with them on their field, Delta Plus inspectors use their mobile phones or tablets to execute the checks while instantly sharing the results with the back office.

  • For increased quality, inspectors can share results in real-time with other parties involved in the approval process to ensure accuracy and correctness before the final approval. Moreover, providing a four-eye workflow ensures all the inspection results are checked by at least two individuals before sharing them with the customers.

  • The communication between inspectors and the back office is fully streamlined. Back-office employees can track the inspections and have a complete overview of what work is planned to do, what inspectors need approval, and which are approved.

bart mustersOne impressive aspect of Delta Plus is their alignment with Smartflow's vision and the broader trend within the inspection industry. This is evident through their forward-thinking approach, which includes the development of a customer portal and emphasis on data insights. Bart Musters, Product Owner, Smartflow

The Results: Maximizing productivity with digital inspections. An improved efficiency approach.

Quick summary of results:

  • More efficient internal processes resulted from sharing certificates and service offerings in a faster way than before.

  • Transparent and clear customer data communication resulted from having all customer, project, and product information available online.

  • Satisfied customers resulted from high-quality work and fast sharing of information.

  • Fewer errors and misunderstandings that occurred when information was shared verbally or on paper.

  • Increased sales now that the customers have all the overview needed and everything is easily accessible to them.

Delta Plus has augmented their overall brand and company image, positioning themselves as future-oriented toward a connected and empowered workforce, assuring their customers they are the best on the market.

‘Creating and delivering certificates digitally save us a lot of time; they look professional and prevent human errors due to intelligent business rules. Having the option to back up our inspections with photos is a game changer for the way we capture situations in the field.’ adds Karin

Read the use case: Enabling inspectors at KLM Equipment services to perform high quality inspections-digitally

The Future: No data insights limitation

Delta Plus had planned to further extend their digital inspection platform. They envision equipping customers with greater online insights and extending the customer portal for other partners such as resellers, dealers, and consumers. In addition, Delta Plus is looking into several other improvements, such as:

  • Improve their analytical capabilities with more comprehensive dashboards that differentiate data based on input from various regions and specific products.
  • Establish a service center for high-volume product inspections at their Delta Plus Service Center.
  • Integrate with Delta Plus's digital landscape, further improving the efficiency within the company.
  • Expand to other countries in which the Delta Plus Group is present.

What is next for you?

Are you looking to streamline your inspections and checks and experience significant time savings, error prevention, and an exceptional customer experience? Are you excited to say goodbye to paperwork and embrace efficient, real-time data sharing? 

Step away from traditional methods and equip your workforce with Smartflow's digital inspection software. Reach out for a tailored demo. 

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