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The future of inspections is now.

This whitepaper depicts why transitioning to a digital data management system and embracing data mobility will help companies connect their workers while simplifying the inspection process. Dive into the content of the whitepaper to gain more insights and information.

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Embrace the future of inspections

More than twenty executives and professionals in the inspection field participated in 'The Inspector of the Future' digital roundtable, organized by Smartflow and Zebra Technologies. Among other topics, the attendees discussed the impact of digital technology on the current processes of performing inspections and operations. 

By going paperless, businesses access new opportunities due to updated and accurate information. Data mobility is a game-changer for business leaders looking to create next-level workflows. 

New ways for field inspections 

Due to an aging workforce, higher demand for first-round inspections, and increased job expectations, worldwide industries are working towards a more digitally connected workforce. Companies want to help field inspectors achieve higher quality, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Keeping physical paperwork updated is a challenge that inspectors face every time they need to share key information internally and externally. Their efforts to keep tight version management require lots of energy, knowing that any misunderstanding or mistake can disrupt operations resulting in extra costs.

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Leo Brand

CIO at Vopak
With the rollout of the Smartflow platform at our terminals, we will be able to speed up, building our digital infrastructure to transform our frontline operations. Our people at the terminal will be able to work much more efficiently, and they will be supported in standardizing processes like ISGOTT and digital operator rounds.

Thomas Visser

Management Trainee Vopak Europoort

Usage of the Smartflow environment makes it much easier to standardize workflows and to reduce administrative time and errors. For example, when a tanker is discharging her cargo, only questions relevant for discharging activities are provided.
Furthermore standard information and remarks that are applicable for Vopak Terminal Europoort such as emergency procedures, can be pre-filled thus reducing the amount of questions that need to be performed.
Having all data in one digital environment makes it possible for each stakeholder to have easy access to all relevant and up-to-date ISGOTT documents. Zero paper waste as operators perform the process using a PC and ATEX certified tablet.

Mark van der Wolf

Director Service & Projects at MOBA
Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and lead time reduction of the service order process. By implementing the user-friendly Smartflow, we expect a significant reduction in the manual administrative work of both the service engineers and the back office.

Mario Rovers

Manager AMTeK at Aboma

The Smartflow app helps inspectors collect and interpret data. We can easily analyze data and prepare for future events or to predict failure. Data can be analyzed immediately consequently improving the quality of inspections.

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