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How your frontline workforce can maximize the synergy between Maintenance & Operations.

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Live Webinar organized in collaboration with MaxGrip

Operations and Maintenance are departments that do not always work together effortlessly. How do you combine IT and OT systems and how do you leverage data in the best way for both departments? How do you align your organization; people & processes to get the best results? And can you work in a smarter way?
In this webinar, MaxGrip & Smartflow are joining forces to discuss practical use cases that will help businesses maximize the synergy between Maintenance & Operations. The speakers will adopt a technical direction covered by Smartflow, and a business outlook, highlighted by MaxGrip. 
Improvements in operator interfaces, alarms, measurements, valves, and control systems are best accomplished by a synergy of knowledge. A connected workforce enabled by digital technology, data analytics, and systems is more likely to adapt faster to the new reality of frontline operations. 

What is the focus of this webinar? 

1. How to create synergy between People, Processes & Technology. Practical Use Cases
2. How to maximize workforce enablement
3. How to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
4. What is the pivotal role of data?
5. How data helps to leverage the connected worker: receive and give feedback info/data
6. The maintenance and operations data perspectives