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What industry challenges can a connected worker platform solve?

Our connected worker platform transforms all field-related operations & maintenance tasks and controls into one flexible, configurable App. Continue reading for full understanding.

Smartflow, a connected worker platform gives you a business solution that allows you to easily digitize your field operations, by creating a flexible configurable process layer on top of your existing IT legacy, enabling organizations to standardize their processes and centralize their data collection in an agile way. 

  • The digitization of field processes
    • Processes related to Operations
    • Processes related Maintenance
    • Processes related to Safety & Regulatory Compliance
  • The evolution towards Connected-Workers & Systems
    • The synergy between People, Processes, and Technology
    • Maximized workforce enablement
    • Reduction of TCO
  • The adoption and integration of new technologies
    • Multilingual for global rollout
    • Smart glasses, drones, sensors, IoT, Industry 4.0
    • Self Driven Highly Custom automation on top of standard tools like fe. ERP systems
    • Last-Mile Digitized Process Delivery

At the same time, all your operational data will be captured and stored in a central and standardized format, giving you all the possibilities of reporting, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to materialize and share your data.

Challenges a connected worker platform can solve

Our goal is to help businesses go paperless or to make the next steps in digitization for frontline operation teams while structuring and centralizing their data and make it available for analysis. In addition, we aim at providing more accurate and real-time information to act on.

Remote Inspections 

Technology is now acting as the primary tool that is reshaping the way workers perform their jobs and the environment in which they are working. The next generation of connected workers is already changing how inspections are performed. 


In a poll we shared during the session, 41% of the voters claimed that one of the challenges they have experienced during Covid-19 regulations was safety concerns. Safety has always been a challenge for the maritime industry and Covid-19 brought new challenges to the surface.

Predictive risk management

Forms and previous inspections should be effortless to find and access by anyone in the organization who needs to overview or recheck them. A future-proof operator round leaves no room for errors; that is why scheduling data collection or observational tasks with a reminder feature will ensure accountability.

Regulatory maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance ensures the uptime of the entire terminal. Direct communication through our solution allows operators to focus on their tasks, avoiding back and forth communication that slows down the delivery.


Adjusting to a more agile work environment comes as a necessity as present-day employees like millennials or even younger generations are used to and expect a friendlier user experience, appified systems, and accessible tools that boost their productivity and shortens the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Performance monitoring, business leaders have experienced this collaborative work processes' liberty and agility. Technology is bringing all departments together, from maintenance to operations and management. Once operations and maintenance employees have joint access to work orders and activity planning, both departments save considerable unnecessary work. Receiving instant notifications with new tasks or requirements and having a clear overview of the role distribution connected workers rapidly and efficiently enhance their productivity. 

Streamline supply chain

By streamlining the data capture process, the operators can automate it for future functions giving them more control and reassurance. 


How much does one worksite visit cost your business? When performing paper-based inspections one error is enough to force the operator to go back on the worksite. These are costly, time-consuming and in some cases involve very complex logistics. 

Explore further the challenges that we can solve for you. 

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