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The Dow Chemical Company. Digital Planning Workflow

Dow has various plants around the world, including Terneuzen (The Netherlands) where chemical semi-finished products are made. Plants are on 24/7 and stopping a plant is an expensive process.

After a plant has been stopped, several professionals carry out work on the plant (turnaround). Dow's challenge is the complex planning of a turnaround.

Smartflow, together with Advando Project Control, has developed an app that provides daily insight into the planning process. This way the planner knows which team is working on and how far they are in completing this task. The Smartflow app is integrated with the planning software Primavera.

The specialist planners have more control over the planning because they have daily insight into the status of the work per supplier. This allows planners to intervene on time if a supplier is not on the schedule. You can switch quickly to prevent the planning from running out.

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