Digitalising all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities

Vopak Use Case

Digitize the ISGOTT 6 procedures

Digitizing all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities, is an important strategic goal for companies, and the introduction of version 6 of the International Safety Guide for Tankers and terminals (ISGOTT 6) provides a well-grounded reason to accelerate this.

Use Smartflow's versatility to digitally include various stakeholders in the process

  • Pre-arrival checks

    The planner digitally invites a ship, and the pre-arrival checks for the terminal and the other important information are automatically sent along. View all the information digitally and enter the pre-arrival checklist for the ship. The planner has real-time insight into when all pre-arrival checks are ready and when the ship arrives, the planner can change the status to Arrived @ terminal

  • Ship/Shore Safety Checklist

    The digital checklist automatically shows the relevant parts based on the product to be transferred and has designated areas if crude oil washing is planned or checks before tank cleaning or gas freeing are applicable. Both the tanker and terminal will receive a digital copy of the pre-arrival checks and the SSSCL to be displayed at all the relevant control stations. 

  • Summary of repetitive checks

    The tanker and terminal receive a reminder at an agreed time interval to perform the repetitive checks. The information entered can be viewed by all parties involved all the time. This, for example, makes it very easy to perform shift handovers since all relevant information is digitally recorded and available.

ship and ship crew shipping materials ISGOTT
  • Easily create custom workflows 

  • Enhanced real-time collaboration between workers and systems

  • Automate tasks and controls

  • Full knowledge-sharing
  • Connected process validation stages

Aim for terminal facilities that enable your industry

  • Exchange pre-arrival information in an efficient manner

    Professionalize the pre-arrival process and operational coordination. Record and secure the process. Digitize and merge communication into one file.

  • Support workers safety

    Limit physical contact. Provide pre-arrival information (and documentation). Efficient collaboration among the workers that can receive tasks within the app.

  • Solve time issues

    Faster completion of checklists. All documents are digital. Everyone involved has a direct overview of the processes in the app.

big ship carrying shipment ISGOTT
  • Automated capturing process and analytical data
  • Fully digitized process-validation lifecycle
  • Holistic, integrated solution
  • Troubleshoot production problems as well as support post-approval changes
  • Full visibility into requirements verification and validation processes

The Digital Plant

As a common system, Smartflow will support operation, maintenance, and SHEQ teams at the terminals to replace paper-based checklists, digitize inspections, operator rounds, and structure various kinds of workflows and processes using the App and the low-code/no-code SaaS platform.

We help our customers optimize business processes while staying afloat in the tidal waves of change. Smartflow is the ideal solution for oil and gas businesses looking to accelerate the execution and compliance of Operations, Maintenance, and SHEQ workflows.

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  • VOPAK digitizes ISGOTT with Smartflow

  • Supporting the new digital ISGOTT v6.

  • Digitizing the oil and gas industry

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Requirements Verification & Validation

Requirements Verification & Validation

Products operating in an always-connected state.

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Collect consistent and validated data

Digitizing the verification and the validation process will help you leverage technology and maximize test coverage. We help businesses integrate data to simplify the compliance with future emissions requirements, but also to optimize performance.

Our customers have enabled their risk management and connected their validation processes across the entire organization by digitizing their workflows, reports, and forms.

Revamp Plant Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages

  • Easily accessible audit trail

    Digitize your risk assessment and mitigation activities for attributes, parameters, and processes design so you can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Full visibility and integrity

    Digitizing your processes will offer full visibility, zero data integrity issues, and compliance.

  • Time-saving planning

    With our solution, control strategy and documentation planning is fast, accurate, and sensitive to no error.

operators and inspectors inspecting an oil an gas tank

  • Digital batch number identification
  • Digital control chart and statistical reports
  • Fast-tracking data
  • Full knowledge-sharing
  • Connected process validation stages

Check resources

Reduce the scope for systematic errors throughout the lifecycle

  • Drive the acquisition of knowledge

    Facilitate the ease of data collection, analysis, and use. Improve the operator’s ability to consolidate data across disparate systems into the cloud and remove the difficulties of dealing with chaotic data.

  • Contribute to process safety

    Support plant reliability and asset integrity, steady-state process control, process optimization, accident investigation, deliver the collation of leading indicators for process safety, as well as accessing available data from maintenance systems and incidents.

  • Solve tangled organization boundaries

    Find and reuse data from previous development or manufacturing. Manage information at different stages of the lifecycle, link the disparate systems together, and make the right data available.

inspectors inspecting oil and gas equipment

  • Automated capturing process and analytical data
  • Fully digitized process-validation lifecycle
  • Holistic, integrated solution
  • Troubleshoot production problems as well as support post-approval changes
  • Full visibility into requirements verification and validation processes

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The Digital Plant

We help our customers have a good understanding of the pitfalls and make informed decisions. With our solution, you can make sure the reporting forms and validations are exhaustive.

Using Smartflow omissions and errors will never go unnoticed again. Having access to reporting audits in a digital manner will allow you to perform a regular follow-up and leave no gaps behind.

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  • Inspections & Certifications

  • Quality Control

  • Asset Performance Management

  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance


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Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Assure your workers' safety with mobile forms.

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Improve operational excellence with mobile workflows

Technology is transforming the nature of how health, safety, and environment specialists manage risks, strategize decisions, and create future plans. Current business challenges are requiring leaders to turn towards data and advanced analytics models so they can use insights to improve performance and costs.

Smartflow helps business leaders access advanced analytics successfully, and focus on optimizing project schedules, productivity, and contractor costs.

Have a clear understanding of issues, risks, inconstiencies

  • Automated EHS digital system and solution

    With our robust system, we support real-time, customizable, and accurate data for informed decision-making. Thanks to our user-friendly platform & app, creating forms has never been more engaging.

  • Multiple data streams

    Collect data from multiple sources and manage it in real-time, right from the worksite. Streamline the data capture process, and automate it for future functions.
  • Gain agility and performance

    Organize the validation steps via workflow, get access to browsing history, report in-app nonconformities, carry out the supplier audit directly on mobile or tablet, automate your reports and prepare process reviews directly in the app.

frontline operators wearing masks against covid-19
  • Documentation Management via browsing history
  • Simplify issues sharing with pre-filled data
  • Mobile monitoring indicators
  • Avoid the risk of losing data
  • Comply with government regulations

Enable your company for a complete digital transformation

How is our solution impacting EHS outcomes?

  • Ease efforts and financial costs

    Avoid extra costs resulted from misleading or incomplete data. Help your operators work faster, more organized, and automated.

  • Reliable digitized HSE system

    Leverage your processes to further improve your competitiveness in the market. Trust everything is completed in time with zero human error.
  • Predictive analysis on accidents

    Exploit all data, connect the dots, connect your workers with the machines and establish a clear preventive maintenance direction.
two site operators inspecting pipes on an oil and gas worksite
  • Improved standing between stakeholders
  • Fewer accidents
  • Better compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and other standards
  • Better corporate responsibility
  • Reduced operating costs

Address today’s operational challenges

With Smartflow our customers can access quality data and perform advanced analysis to strengthen their business decisions. We are committed to help businesses improve their EHS, by offering a shortcut to understanding strategically their business' needs and offer all the support needed.

We seek ways in which integrating our solution within the current IT architecture is comfortable and the integration is smooth and easily deployed.

EHS functions should contribute to the entire company's success. Overcoming operations challenges and tackling new technologies will help businesses sustain performance.

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  • Inspections & Certifications

  • Quality Control

  • Asset Performance Management

  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

  • Requirements Verification & Validation

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Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Develop the required systems and processes needed to improve asset management.

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Start a comprehensive digital transformation

Preparing fixed asset register & compliance with the required standards can be a burden when all processes are still paper-documented. Our solution helps businesses to improve the maturity of asset management processes & align with international best practices.

Smartflow facilitates the identification of equipment degradation to avoid functional failure. You will be able to solve safety, operations, and performance.

Connect assets, people, processes, and technology

  • Business catalyst

    We act as a catalyst to help businesses understand their current level of maturity and to achieve their business objectives. Our solution facilitates the understanding of how reliable and complete operational data is.
  • Improve Asset Performance

    Smartflow assists predictive maintenance, proactive verifications & tracking of assets in a digital manner that will assure a transparent view of data.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

    Using a data-sharing solution like Smartflow will allow consolidation of all information related to assets in one place. With one click you can access procurement, asset utilization, the health of an asset, impairment, depreciation along with relevant documents for the assets.

filed operator using a tablet to capture data in an inspection process

  • Connect Engineering, Operations and Performance
  • Transparency across every resource, system, and process
  • Predict failures ahead of time
  • Track procurement costs, maintenance, insurance & down time costs
  • Comply with government regulations

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Connected data brings departments together

  • Asset Verification

    Maintain the consistency of data in the asset registration & the organization and share information in real-time with all departments involved.

  • Up to date asset life-cycle

    Send an update or notification to the asset manager for renewing the insurance of assets in time so productivity won’t be interrupted.

  • Evaluate the entire performance chain

    Easy overview of the asset base condition (age, layout, overall health, performance).

inspector checking working site

  • Greater alignment of processes, resources & people
  • Reduce in expenses for procurement, maintenance & wastage
  • Compliance with International Regulatory Standards
  • Keep track of vendors, ask RFQ, receive quotations & order the items
  • Easy tracking of unused inventory

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Create efficiency in maintenance and operations

An effective digital transition helps you connect the engineers, operators, and maintenance professionals. Assuring all users understand the framework and the best practices, as well as the integrations of the system, is crucial for the success of digitization.

We help our customers roadmap their priorities and needs so they can align tasks, objectives, and costs.

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  • Inspections & Certifications

  • Quality Control

  • Health, Safety & Environment

  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

  • Requirements Verification & Validation


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Quality & Control

Quality Control

Digital forms for accurate and correct quality control.

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Improve operational excellence with mobile workflows

We help our customers move from paper plans and drawings to digital and mobile workflows that improve the accuracy of their quality control actions.

Our solution automates and standardizes risk mitigation flows, improves the quality of rework by simplifying it and shortening the time frame, and offers deep insights, reports, and analytics.

Gain Fast Quality Control Operations

  • Minimize Risks

    Link the office and field through real-time communication and document exchange to avoid losing, or misplacing documentation. Assure ability to access up-to-date drawings, models, former inspections directly on-site, in real-time.
  • Improve quality & reduce rework

    Standardize processes and reduce rework managing quality across the project by completing inspections with digital checklists. Create your own checklist templates or use already existing ones so you can be consistent in execution.
  • Operational excellence

    Capture best practices and expertise and keep the knowledge in-house by transcribing it into a form or a checklist that can be carried forward on future projects.
oil and gas operator performing inspections on a rugged tabled with digital smart data capture solution smartflow
  • Identify quality problems faster
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Cut poor-quality expenses
  • Work online and/or offline
  • Comply with government regulations

Build automated quality control forms

How is our solution assisting the operators?

  • Rapid creation of forms

    Standardize all your forms and use the auto-fill features to help you save time and increase productivity.
  • Task Management

    Easily assign new tasks and never dismiss a priority due to in-app alerts and approval features.
  • Automated Issues Corrections

    Decrease human error with our automated and pres-setted forms.
machine inspector performing regular inspections using a digital tool smartflow and a rugged tablet
  • Access real-time analytics
  • Reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks, and returns
  • Centralized communication
  • Improve alignment and set expectations

Unlock high-quality control potential

With Smartflow our customers are streamlining their quality processes, easing inspectors' efforts to schedule and perform audits. Smartflow offers the liberty to monitor processes so users have a better understanding of the level of risks on any project.

With the data insights, companies can see which areas of work or inspection procedures resulted in the highest or lowest conformance. This way, our customers can always have a clear view of the performance and the areas that require improvements.

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Prioritize work orders. Aim for a collaborative effort. Use standard templates to boost preventive maintenance. Store your data correctly and avoid compliance issues. Aim for smart routine preventive and pedictive strategic checks with Smartflow.
  • Inspections & Certifications

  • Healthy, Safety & Environment

  • Asset Performance Management

  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

  • Requirements Verification & Validation

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