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Digitizing Inspection Workflows

Step into the new era of technology with mobile inspection solutions.

Get ready for superior strategic achievements. The simple usage of the Smartflow mobile app will solve efficiency problems by integrating people, processes, and technology.

Digital inspection workflows for faster data-sharing

Native app

Available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Offline & Online

When back online, data is updated automatically through background sync and everyone is notified.

Web App

Available anytime, anywhere on web browsers Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari.

UI/UX responsiveness

Smartflow makes use of Bootstrap and is responsive to the type of screen that is used. With our theme builder and style functionalities, it can be further optimized.

Push Notifications

You can easily configure push notifications from the builder.

White label App

The app can have your own logo and be published in, for example, Google Play Store.

Native development

Smartflow can extend the app functionalities for enterprise users.

Low code / No code

Industry solution focus-descriptive no-code/ low code

Smartflow Builder

Helps you accelerate the execution and the compliance of your inspections

Digital Forms

Interactive & responsive builder so you can see and test exactly what you're creating.


Interactive & responsive datasets. Easy data management for everyone that needs access to it.

Basic controls

The builder supports basic controls with logical characteristics like text, textarea, numeric, radio button, selection field.

Views filtering

Use filters to easily access your forms, work orders, inspections, or tasks.

Advanced Controls

Our builder supports advanced controls like GIS maps, identifier controls, group controls, subforms.

Conditional logic builder

Define business rules such as relevancy, filters, default values, and validations.

Build, manage workflows

Emails, push notification, actions, and reports are executed.

Data distribution

Use custom data distribution logic for forms, datasets, and resources.

Agile operations for fast growing businesses

Image & Video Capture

Validate the accuracy of the collected data by adding evidence of each form directly within the app.

Prefilling Data Fields

Draw data from other systems and prepopulate forms so you can save time and increase productivity.

Online & Offline

You can create forms even without internet. The data will be automatically updated and all parties notified of the changes when you are back online.

Drag & Drop

Use already existing templates and build your forms from scratch with no IT knowledge necessary.

Digitize your mobile workforce

It has never been easier to build a seamless integration between the office and the field operators with our solution. Mobile technology transforms paper-based operator rounds into coherent digital workflows. We make the technology transition even more comfortable due to user interface compliance, which adds process data and asset health information an easy task.