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Inspections & Certifications

Create consistent and accurate inspections with full control over your data.

Digital inspections and checklists for increased performance

You can standardize field work by digitizing all rounds of inspections. Prioritize your workers' safety and efficiency by equipping them with the right field technology.

Do you want to help field inspectors complete their inspections in one visit to the worksite with zero errors? We are committed to creating an improved work experience that will allow inspectors to have instant access to all the checks carried out. Smartflow gives them a clear overview of what important matters emerged from their previous inspections while enabling them to work faster, cleaner and safer.

You can use Smartflow to build a communication bridge between frontline operations and all the other departments in the company.

Digital Inspections

What can field inspectors do with our solution?

Capture data

Inspectors can track, monitor, collect, and report key data, alarms, and events in real time. They will also see issues and rationalize alarms, all in one place.

Automate processes & streamline tedious work

Leverage data in disconnected documents, optimize safety-instrumented systems, and manage corporate risk. We enable a real-time view of safety system performance while using stored data to validate processes and identify issues.

Perform three times as many inspections

Take immediate actions based on the findings, which saves time, increases efficiency, and transforms productivity.
oil and gas inspector holding a rugged tabled performing inspections with smartflow solution
  • Ensure the uptime of the entire worksite
  • Increase overall efficiency & productivity
  • Create an agile culture
  • Leave no room for errors with instant notification alerts

Easier inspections

How does Smartflow empower inspectors?

Rapid creation of checklists

Users use drag & drop and other visual app-building elements. The platform also allows them to run condition based workflows and apply extended business rules. Coding can also be used to build the app and workflow according to personal requirements.

Information Input

Inspectors can back-up their findings either by text, photo, video, or voice-speech.

Checklists Manageability

Inspectors can easily assign, archive, review, and follow different checklists.

two oil and gas operators performing pipe inspections using a rugged tabled and a smart data capture solution smartflow
  • Export functionalities: Excel/CSV,JSON,XML and PDF
  • Extended user groups, roles, and permissions
  • Instant access to performed inspections
  • Reduced response time to critical issues

What can you digitize with Smartflow

Leverage the power of mobile tools.
Ensure the accuracy of your audits.
In-app forms to use when requesting new supplies.
Track employee attendance, see who works on what, and overview data.
Identify problems and use data to avoid repeating them.
Use our forms or create your own to report incidents in real time.

Learn more about Smartflow

Prioritize work orders. Aim for a collaborative effort. Use standard templates to boost preventive maintenance. Store your data correctly and avoid compliance issues. Aim for smart routine preventive and pedictive strategic checks with Smartflow.