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Ensure safer, more efficient processes to improve quality and safety.

Maximize quality with digital forms

The food industry is looking for optimal solutions to embark on their journey to digital transformation. The main priority is to have a smooth transition that it’s not prior to risks. Safety and quality are the industry's main concerns.

The food industry is relying on better processes, new sales potential, and even a new business model once the digital onboarding has been approved. When organizations decide to digitize food & beverages inspections the effect will be expanded on the whole factory production and distribution.

Many companies have access to piles of data that they have difficulty in understanding how they can fully use to improve their operations. This will lead to unused data that is extremely complicated to access from different departments.

By digitizing their operations, the food & beverage industry will start being able to identify new business opportunities that were ‘suffocated’ by piles of paper-documented data.


Data availability

Gather insights and make the changes necessary using data that you already have.

Fast business decisions

Identify product issues you couldn’t before and use descriptive and prescriptive analytics.

Reduced operating costs

Real-time data visibility and improvements will shorten office processes.
food and beverages inspectors in a lab
  • Easy changeable or adjustable
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Leverage data in disconnected documents
  • Reduced costs and higher profitability


Instant access to the checks

See in real-time what has been checked and what important matters had emerged from those checks.

Shared Inspections

Assure that critical inspections are automatically shared with the right people within the company.

Audit reports

An issue can lead to a work order, while discoveries can be converted into audit reports to prove that the right actions have been taken all along the process.
food inspector performing inspections on meat
  • GRID-view
  • Customized reports
  • Connectivity
  • Copying forms
  • Combine data from the operator rounds with data from other sources

Connect your operations!

Enhanced Compliance

Monitor your products with total visibility and ensure compliance with food safety standards.

Track and Trace

Simple way of handling large data sets with few issues.

Predictive maintenance

Centralize systems through a common management system solution to allow you to make changes quickly and effectively.
food and beverage inspector performing inspections on water bottles
  • Less human error

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased uptime


1. Learn how inspection engineers use multiple systems to perform a single inspection
2. How these technologies might impact the businesses’ growth and security in the long run
3. What risks arise across the organization
4. What is the alternative

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