Construction & Infrastructure

Determine and acquire the problems that cause high costs in safety, environmental, lost production (quality, time, speed) in Construction & Infrastructure.

Optimized workforce coordination in Construction.

A construction project involves many parties, from the workforce to the equipment, vehicle fleets, partners, suppliers to clients. All these parties involved need proper management to perform well and to align with one another. How easy would it be if you had all these aspects in one place?

We understand the magnitude of the industry's risks by conducting inspections in the traditional, highly-time consuming way. Our clients have chosen a mobile solution and support system like Smartflow because of the high necessity to revamp workflows, data collection, task management, maintenance management, and compliance.


Ensured Compliance

Gain the agility to oversee any avoidable repairs, compliance failures, or litigation risks.

Facilitate business growth

Have insights into analytics and reports to use for strategic development.

Increased Productivity

Perform twice as many digital inspections than following a paper-based process.
construction site inspectors on a construction site
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Leverage data in disconnected documents
  • Reduced costs and higher profitability


Automation triggers

Schedule adherence, preventive maintenance, and compliance.

Streamline and automate data entry

Use extensive integration capabilities.

Toolbox workflow

Start the meeting via the app, upload photos, register participants, and have attendees directly sign in to the app.
construction site equipment
  • GRID-view
  • Customized reports
  • Connectivity
  • Copying forms
  • Combine data from the operator rounds with data from other sources

Digizited workforce

Custom Reports

Quickly draft a range of inspection forms.

In-app Approvals

Immediately generate certificates upon approval.

Automated Tasks

All the information, available anytime and anywhere.

construction worker on a construction site
  • Less human error

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased uptime

Free whitepaper. The Future of Inspections is Now

This whitepaper depicts why transitioning to a digital data management system and embracing data mobility will help companies connect their workers while simplifying the inspection process. Dive into the content of the whitepaper to gain more insights and information.

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KONE. Complete digital forms with Smartflow

The Digitalization of paper forms and checklists with Smartflow has helped KONE increase retention, employee satisfaction, and estimate savings up to half a million euros in the upcoming years. Read full use case for more information and results.

AMTeK - The digital inspector

AMTeK is part of Aboma and is the market leader in the field of inspections of large and small equipment in construction and industry.  Read the whole use case for more information and insights into this project.

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