How we digitise workflows.

How it's done.

The 5 principles of Smartflow.

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1. No pain no gain.

Real change is not possible unless the actual pain is identified and acknowledged. Such as:

  • Too much administrative work.
  • Insufficient insight into data.
  • Miscommunication between the field and office.
  • People in the field cannot adequately focus on their core tasks due to a heavy administrative burden.

If you recognise and acknowledge one or more of the above situations, we will draw up a business case. Otherwise, we won't. 


2. Always a business case.

Do you recognise pain in your organisation because it has not (yet) undergone digitisation? We will draw up a business case together with you, so that it's clear beforehand:

  • What we expect from each other.
  • What the problem is.
  • What the objective is.
  • The necessary steps to be taken.
  • The expected results.
  • Planning.

This way we know precisely what the expected results are and what we need to do to achieve those results. This way we know when and where we need to contribute during the process.


3. Mobile-user centred solution.

We focus on the user for all our solutions. Appy people do better jobs! The ultimate objective is always to save time and money; we believe that we achieve this goal by prioritising the user. The worker in the field (technician, service employee, operator, etc.) receives assignments, input and data from various parties, such as the customer, the contractor, the KAM employee, and so forth. Conversely, the worker also has to feed data back to these parties.

That's why we believe that everything depends on the field-based employee. Our solution ensures that the field-based employee has more time for his/her core task, that there is less miscommunication between the office and the field and better communication because the worker can provide specific information (real time, up to date, etc.) to a specific person in the office.


4. Co-creation.

It's with good reason that we ask whether you see yourself aligning with our principles and we draw up a business case together with you.

We believe the best results are achieved through co-creation because, ultimately, the success depends on the user of the app.


5. Agile implementation.

When we start the collaboration, we create a roadmap and a backlog of all the wishes and requirements that the solution must fulfil. Next, we take a portion of the formulated roadmap and collaborate on this with you.

Within two weeks, we digitise your first workflow in an app. You then use the app to test it. Next, we summarise the feedback in user stories and process them before deploying a final, operational app.

So we begin by taking a small step, which is a big step in the total process, to digitise your work processes.

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