Appy people do better jobs.

Add workflow to anything, anywhere and anytime.

Since 2011, Smartflow has been innovating in the Mobile Enterprise Apps market. Smartflow digitises the critical processes of mobile businesses. This results in efficiency and cost savings because you have appy employees and customers, you have control over your data and you have a future-proof IT infrastructure. We focus on industry, more specifically on construction, infrastructure, installation technology, manufacturing companies, mechanical engineering, maritime and oil, gas and petrochemistry. Check.


Appy people do better jobs :-).

The international Smartflow team consists of young, enterprising, experienced, sharp, innovative, hard-working and customer-oriented people. We want to create added value for the customer. And we do this by working with modern methods, such as agile and scrum and by listening to the customer.

We want to get the best out of ourselves, and by looking critically at ourselves and at the market. We improve our Smartflow platform every day, every hour and every second ... We do this in collaboration with the customer. Only then can we achieve synergy and a top product.



We focus on the user in everything we do. Whether it concerns cost savings or a more efficient work process ... Everything begins and ends with the user. We believe (and know) that the organisations that work with our platform save time and money, so their employees can focus more on their core tasks and less on a significant amount of administration. Because: Appy people do better jobs!


Knowledge of your sector.

We're knowledgeable about the construction, infrastructure and civil & hydraulic engineering, installation technology, manufacturing companies, machine manufacturers, maritime and oil, gas and petrochemistry sectors.

This focus ensures that we can devise and build better solutions, because we're knowledgeable about and experienced in these sectors.