Paperless Doping Testing.

Secure. Efficient. Reliable.


A solution for National Anti-Doping Organisations and sports organisations

  1. Supporting in and out of competition testing
  2. Supporting test on one or multiple athletes
  3. Reducing time and lowering cost of operations
  4. Creating more reliable data


Paperless Doping Testing

Fully Paperless

The solution does not only support the actual test but also supporting processes.

Multi User

Letting multiple DCO's, Chaperones, Athletes and others work together smoothly and accurate.

Secure data

All connections are secure. Data is saved and sent encrypted. Users only are allowed acces to data they are allowed to use. 

Reliable data

The system helps the user reducing human error. Data can be added to the system when relevant. Like pictures, paper forms etc.


Manage, view and develop testforms and flows.

Smartflow offers a management dashboard from where forms can be issued, monitored and new forms can be built or existing forms can be edited to a specific need.



Request the Video Case & Documentation

In the video case Herman Ram, President Doping Authorities Netherlands, speaks about the project concerning paperless testing and we see the Doping Control App in action at the Dutch indoor athletics championship 2019.

You'll also receive a PDF of our brochure with some more info on the Paperless Testing solution.