Free Whitepaper. How are Spreadsheets and other office tools impacting your Inspections.

As you may already know Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Google Sheets are some of the largest office tools on the market. Many businesses are using these programs for data storage and analysis, presentations, planning, and even performing work inspections. 

If you run inspections using one of these programs you know how difficult it is to exchange data between separate software programs. You may have also noticed how complicated collaboration turns out to be.

Using multiple systems to perform a single inspection, is time-consuming and inefficient, it can also have other major consequences that you are not completely aware of.

In this whitepaper, we are going to clear the air by explaining:

  • How inspection engineers use these technologies
  • How they might impact the businesses’ growth and security in the long run
  • What risks arise across the organisation
  • What is the alternative

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