ATEX inspection rounds

App-supported ATEX inspection

Installations and areas with a risk of explosion due to flammable gases and substances, ATmosphères EXplosible in French, must be regularly inspected for the correct zoning and the condition of the installations used. The ATEX directive is a lot younger than most installations to which it applies. For example, it is possible that certain parts of an installation are not classified in the correct zoning. The zoning may need to be adjusted upwards if the risk has decreased after an adjustment of the installation. This can become apparent from an inspection.

During inspections, it is also necessary to check whether the installation is still safe. Are earth points still well connected, do junction boxes still have neat glands, are there bare cables visible, etc. Of course, something can always happen in the field or a defect can occur due to wear. Because of that, it is necessary to switch quickly.

With the Smartflow platform, inspectors can run inspection rounds quickly and effectively. The round can be determined based on existing plans, known inspection points, and previous paper systems. With the tool, the inspector receives the correct inspection questions that match the equipment he inspects, and answers can be used immediately to start follow-up actions. The tool thus helps the skilled and certified inspector to make his work faster and easier.

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Our solution helps inspectors and operators conduct a safety assessment of all equipment in compliance with the ATEX standard and the technical requirements and safety standards specific to the area.

When inspectors need to conduct follow-up inspections, visually accurate, or detailed, they can easily access the data previously collected, leaving no room for errors. 

With the help of Smartflow, inspectors can keep the hazardous area classification up to date in no time and free of inaccuracies while creating an audit trail so all data will be captured and accessible for internal and external audits.

Relying on inspectors to move around the site with paper checklists and clipboard collecting information is no longer a future proof approach. There are still industrial plants that rely on inspectors to manually collect thousands of points of data representing a sizeable part of the information used in managing a process. This work method is full of flaws and no longer safe or sustainable. 

In addition to ATEX inspections, the Smartflow platform can be used to digitize all kinds of other work processes. Moreover, the data can be made accessible to a wide variety of back-office systems. The app will not become a digital straitjacket, but an automated buddy for the work activities. This ensures better inspections, faster processing of the data, structured data collection, and a higher return on the hours worked.

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