With the work instruction app, the work planner, contractor, inspector and project manager can all collaborate.

The advantages of the work instruction app:

  • Paperless workflows.
  • Work with more structure.
  • Work more securely.
  • Information available immediately.
  • Clear, evident progress.
  • Better feedback on the use of materials.
  • Materials and hours.

The work instruction app integrates with the software packages shown below and many others.

  • work planner
    The work planner's role in the app:
    • View open work instructions.
    • Draft work instructions.
    • Required information such as points of contact, drawings and permits are included with the work instruction.
  • contractor
    The contractor's role in the app.
    • Receive notifications of the work instruction.
    • Open and accept the work instruction.
  • Inspector
    The inspector's role in the app.
    • Receive push notifications with the request to approve the object.
    • Perform the inspection.
    • Sign the form and select the status 'completed'.
  • project manager
    The project manager's role in the app.
    • Log in and check the progress of the work instruction.

Companies earn back their investment in Smartflow within 12 months.

The work instructions app in action.

Save time with the work instructions app! Digitise and automate your work instructions. Collaborate via a single app and platform to communicate clearly.

Send each other notifications and information and collect process data.

To see the work instruction app in action, watch the video on the right.

Appy employees.

New (young) professionals readily connect to work process.

Get a grip on the work process.

Control the work process with greater insight into data from the field.

Future-proof IT infrastructure.

Integrate your apps for a future-proof IT infrastructure.

Some of our appy clients.

Some features of the work instructions app.


Flexible configuration of the work instruction.

You can configure the work instruction app specifically for your organisation or adjust it if there is a change in the process.


GIS or 3D support.

The Smartflow platform is integrated with GIS, giving you a clear overview of and insight into the process of the work instructions via the map.


Clear understanding of the progress by linking with the planning software.

The work instruction app links with various software packages from your back office.

For example, the work instruction system links the app with your planning system so that data is aggregated and a single progress report is generated.


Offline use.

The work instruction app always works, even if you're not connected to the internet. As soon as you reconnect, the information is automatically synchronised. 


Add documentation to the work instructions.

The work planner can add various large documents to the work instructions - via SharePoint, for example.

This provides the contractor with all of the necessary and up-to-date information in a structured manner.

Some other smart apps.

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Work order app.

  • Efficiently manage the field service.
  • Send work orders from the ERP system.
  • Record the activities, hours worked and materials used.
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Toolbox app.

  • Rapid and efficient organisation.
  • Automatic documentation in the management portal.
  • All of the information, available anytime and anywhere.
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Notification of undesired events app.

  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • These are documented and are immediately available for audits.

Your first app is ready within two weeks.

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