Via the toolbox app, the toolbox holder, participants and the back-office/KAM employee can all collaborate.

The advantages of the toolbox app:

  • Rapid and efficient organisation.
  • Automatic documentation in the management portal
  • All of the information, available anytime and anywhere.
  • Smart overviews for KAM employees.
  • Can be opened up with various back-end systems.

The toolbox app integrates with the software packages shown below and many others.

  • Toolboxhouder
    The toolbox holder's role in the app.
    • Start the toolbox meeting in the app.
    • Enter descriptions and upload photos.
    • Record the toolbox participants. 
    • Sign for approval and then complete the form.
  • toolbox participants
    The toolbox participants' role in the app:
    • Digitally signing for attendance in the app.
  • back-office/SHEQ employee
    The back-office employee's role in the app.
    • View the notification of the relevant toolbox meeting.

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The toolbox app in action.

Increase safety awareness, ensure clear knowledge transfer and save time and trees with the toolbox app.

To see the toolbox app in action, watch the video on the right.

Appy employees.

New (young) professionals readily connect to work process.

Get a grip on the work process.

Control the work process with greater insight into data from the field.

Future-proof IT infrastructure.

Integrate your apps for a future-proof IT infrastructure.

What some of our appy clients say.

Some features of the toolbox app.


Forms are created by the contractor.

It is not always possible to estimate which forms need to be digitised and which input fields are required for this.

That's why the contractor can also create forms on the go, when necessary, with the Smart builder. It's also possible to assign certain roles and functionalities to people.


Easily record the toolbox meeting attendees.

All attendees are easily recorded via a QR code on the business card that is scanned with the app.

The person's data can be automatically loaded into the toolbox app, and this person can immediately sign for attendance. 


Online learning environment.

With the aid of videos, documents and the knowledge base, safe working is supported because people can easily reread the information in the app.


Feedback to the back office.

 The back-office/KAM employee is automatically informed via a notification that the toolbox meeting has taken place, what is was about and who was present. To make this possible, Smartflow integrates with various software packages. 

Some other smart apps.

Watch video.
Work order app.

  • Efficiently manage the field service.
  • Send work orders from the ERP system.
  • Record the activities, hours worked and materials used.
Watch video.
Inspection app

  • Report outcomes directly to the customer.
  • Automatically generate certificates upon approval.
  • Record simple hours and expenses.
Watch video.
Notification of undesired events app.

  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • These are documented and are immediately available for audits.

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